Critic Doubts and Criticisms, and Responses Analyst Critic: I question the accuracy and validity of these materials and the value of the enterprise: Analyst: Of course, and I need to respond to your questions because I want you to take this work seriously.


Development of the Pure Point Example1: Supporting Analysis with Video Clip Evidence This abstract for a paper (not published) is broken up in the rows below to bring into registration the observations made and the video material providing support for the analysis. Five are in this post. All ten are at link LC3bV1. -> LC3A4 …

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Still Trying! Making Sense of What’s Been Collected Notes on Issues, Questions, Possible Studies: Relevant Resources: Primary Research Goal: trace in detail the transition of learning from a side effect of behavior to processes of reflexive self-construction.Primary Research Agenda: interpret LC3. (For detail, see LC3c Analyses.)-track language skill & knowledge development-track spatial skill & knowledge …

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Bob at 40 Corpus and Site Construction Plans, Goals, Objectives, Aims, Completed Work Next Review planned in October, 2017 Content Management Systems UsageThis web site is my current attempt to construct a Case Analysis Support Environment. See CASE and The Notion of a Datacase for further discussion. The content will include the information I have …

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Tracking Natural Learning What is really profound in this work? The study’s foci and length, and the corpus constructed.


Analyzing Natural Learning What is really profound in this work? Learning is what makes our minds, My research has advanced the study of human learning in both common and unusual situations. See Comments in Review of “Computer Experience and Cognitive Development.”.