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The method discussed here, SCPP (select, copy, paste, & post) was a backstop in place while I tried to figure out a real solution that discussion-group use of these materials required. It has been replaced by the method of Posting Linked Data. For THAT purpose, this document is obsolete (4/23/2013). See the replacement as Example4 or click on Example4 in the Examples list of the right sidebar.

Example2 shows how an archive created by choosing two tags (Y1 and Lng) can be turned into a post. Notice that tags and active links are no longer functional after copy and paste operations. Consider this paragraph as a “typical introduction” to such an archive. Given the focus on early language development, here it is appropriate for an author to insert a link to a short note on the Analyst’s stance with respect to language learning:
Lawler’s Language Learning Mini-Theory

Archive of posts tagged Lng (Language) from Year 1 of LC3 (Infant Peggy Study)
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Posted by admin on 25 January 2011, 9:54 am

3V09102 Peggy’s Vocalization 4/23 serial 0091
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Example3 shows how one might use this tagging system and these tags to explore the contents of the LC3 datacase. The tags were assigned by the Analyst (they can be modified only by a user with editing control of NLCSA contents; if you have suggestions, send email to The tagging system is the Word Press Plugin, SK Multi Tag. Without full set operations, the plugin is nonetheless useful in providing the equivalent of intersection of tag-determined sets. The specific example developed below is how to explore the vignette collection for information about the infant’s language development as she approached two years of age. Continue reading ‘Example3’ »



How_to do the essential things:

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Can I read these materials without signing up? Yes. Our intention is to make these materials accessible and useful. For that reason, the search facility and tag system is also available to visitors.
Can I use search, tags and menus to look at other stuff? That’s what they’re there for. Go ahead! Check out the post “Tagged Data” in the right sidebar for definitions of what the tags mean.
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On Seymour Papert

in appreciation
Seymour’s 1988 Talk at Purdue can be seen at Revaluation of the Concrete.
NB. this post calls 11 video clips, and takes time to load completely.

Coming to MIT to study Artificial Intelligence with Minsky had the wonderful side effect of introducing me to Seymour Papert, Marvin’s colleague and co-founder of the AI Lab. My research studies began in Seymour’s Logo Project, the “Childrens’ Learning Laboratory.” As I integrate all my studies, it seems appropriate to share with anyone interested some photos and video clips from that common past. The two children who joined me at the lab, eventually, met a wise man who very much enjoyed the pleasures of everyday life.
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