Bob at 40  Searching NLCSA content About: Remarks: Which “search” is used here? For now, we use the standard WordPress search widget.(wp_widget_search is implemented in the file widgets.php within WP_includes.) Why did you choose it? It’s the default, and it works as needed for simple literal strings.


Bob at 40  Printing NLCSA content About: Remarks: What’s “behind the button?” The WP Plugin in use is’s “Print Friendly and PDF” plugin, v.3.2.5. Why did you choose it? By me, it worked best with the mix of documents at NLCSA. Even better, the interface can be made as simple as a single button …

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On Seymour Papert in appreciation Seymour’s 1988 Talk at Purdue can be seen at Revaluation of the Concrete. NB. this post calls 11 video clips, and takes time to load completely. Coming to MIT to study Artificial Intelligence with Minsky had the wonderful side effect of introducing me to Seymour Papert, Marvin’s colleague and co-founder …

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Bob at 40 Corpus and Site Construction Plans, Goals, Objectives, Aims, Completed Work Next Review planned in October, 2017 Content Management Systems UsageThis web site is my current attempt to construct a Case Analysis Support Environment. See CASE and The Notion of a Datacase for further discussion. The content will include the information I have …

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