LC0a Current & Ongoing Projects

Since a large portion of the video material of the first three years of the Infant Peggy Study has now been uploaded,
the site is open to others for collaborative exploration and interpretation of contents.
Current hopes and plans are now in the Builder post in the right sidebar.

The following texts reflect ideas and efforts of recent years:

LC0aR9 NLCSA Dataset Description: to be published in a forthcoming special issue on datasets
in the British Journal of Educational Technology.

LC0aR8 Four Years of Progress with NLCSA: submitted as a “poster” demonstration for the
Jean Piaget Society Conference of 2015, in Toronto, ON, CA. Rejected, but still a good summary.

LC0aR7 The Selfridge Challenge: how can we represent the world so learning is easy? NAY.
see video Selfridge at Purdue, 1989, clips d-g.

LC0aR6 Getting Intelligence into the Minds of People, A paper inspired by Seymour Papert,
published as an invited article in the Online Journal Learning Landscapes on July 15, 2013.

LC0aR5 Thinkable Models and Educational Games, Opening Keynote Presentation
at Edutainment 2011, in Taipei, Taiwan
The content of this presentation is reprised in “An interview with Robert Lawler,” published in the
British Journal of Educational Technology, January, 2013, Vol. 44, No.1.

LC0aR4 With Heart Upon My Sleeve, for Seymour A. Papert
a paper presented at Constructionism 2010, in Paris

LC0aR3 Explorations in Experimental Epistemology, for Oliver Gordon Selfridge
a paper presented at Constructionism 2010, in Paris

Recent Projects

LC0aR2 Learning English through Directing Animation Theater (summary only)
This abstract sketches the thrust of a 2008 SBIR proposal to the NSF. Ideas from this proposal
have been absorbed into “Thinkable Models and Educational Games,” above.

LC0aR1 Sharing War Stories with Reflective, Commonsense Knowledge Bases (summary only)
This abstract sketches the thrust of a 2007 proposal to the Army Research Institute.

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