Artificial Intelligence and Education: by Masoud Yazdani, Professor, Associate Dean of the School of Design, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
and Chairman of Intellect Books, Ltd.

The Future within our reach: a series of Invited Talks at Purdue University, 1988-1989
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Yazdani Abstract: AI and Education: a discussion of ITS and their relation to Learning Environments
Focusing at first on the engineering dimension of the AI enterprise, Yazdani provides a review of some leading work in the US, by the likes of William Clancey and
Brown and Burton, and John Anderson and then his own R&D efforts to aid foreign language instruction in the United Kingdom. In contrast to the “bug catalog” approach
of Brown and Burton, he concluded that grammar based error analysis of generated sentences required ITS sensitivity to interference effects from the native language
of the student. This made congenial certain arguments by Lawler and led Yazdani to revise his original perspective that ITS and Learning Environments
were opposite ends of a continuum but were two different dimensions of a larger field of errors, to be explored differently in different domains.

Introduction, by Bob Lawler, Nov. 1988 14mb

Background on CAI and Teaching Systems, 47mb

Prolog and Tutoring Systems 51 mb

Building a Tutoring System; the Knowledge Industry, 37mb

Tutoring Systems of Increasing Capability, 44mb

Language Independent Grammar Error Reporter, 43mb

Explanation and Why learners make errors, 44mb

Learning Environments and Tutoring Systems, 33mb

Responses to Questions (1), 53mb

Responses to Questions (2), 48mb

Responses to Questions (3), 22mb

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