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Life moves too fast. We love so few.
Too soon they’re gone, then we are too.

Family Summary:

Family Gallery:
LC0a Family Gallery.

Cedar Hall Summary: See the story: Building Cedar Hall.

Cedar Hall Gallery:
LC0a Cedar Hall Gallery.

Logo Summary: See “Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas,” (S. Papert, 1980)

Logo Gallery:
LC0a Logo Gallery.

MG Summary: See the story: LC0aO2 Re-Made in the USA 1953 MGTD restoration summary, in 1992-93.

MG Photo Gallery:
LC0a MG Gallery.

Professional Summary: See my colleagues’ suggestions: Research Vectors.

Professional Gallery
LC0a Professional Gallery.

Research Summary: not available yet (NAY)

Research Gallery:
LC0a Research.

Extended Family: (Here, Bob at 4, 8, 40, and 64))

Extended Family Gallery:
LC0a Extended Family Gallery.

Travel Summary: not available yet (NAY)

Travel Gallery:
LC0a Travel Gallery.

Warning: these picasa slides work, but in ways I have yet to grasp

because of interactions with the Envira Gallery software, but they will be
at the end of the page, in any case.

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