Video Source Material Focused on Rob
Collected in the Course of The Intimate Study

Rob made significant appearances in 29 of the 75 TIS videos:

The Intimate Study Video Catalog

Tape Format Conversion Notes:
All original recordings were made on a reel-to-reel Sony Port-a-pac. When the Peggy study tapes were converted to VHS format, the only TIS tapes converted to VHS were those marked with an “X” in the final profile series. These tapes have been digitized, as well as tapes 1, and 45-48. The remaining tapes were recovered and, to the extent possible, digitized in 2009-2010.

Download and Streaming
The files are optimized for streaming, but since typically they run to 20mb, there is often
a delay in beginning, even with cable internet. Larger files mean longer delays.

TIS#Child1977AdultInitial Profile: ThemesVideo Quality and Relevant LinksVideo Panels
05R4/21 Bob Volume Judgments, Combinations not available.
07R4/22 Bob Conservation of solidsTIS07R is good; comparison Video TIS06M is usable but not for show. For text analyses, see Weight and Displacement volume. TIS07R (3)
18R5/02 Bob Combinations seen in Constructing TracksTIS18R is good; for second trial see TIS70R. For comparison see Panels TIS13M and TIS72M TIS18R (4)
19R5/13 Bob Bending Rods: separating variables in a physical task.TIS19R is good. See TIS69R for second trial. For comparison see TIS20M and TIS68M. TIS19R (5)
Logo Sessions: See Overview.Video Quality and Relevant Links:
to Rob’s Learning Analyses
Video Panels
22MR6/03 Rob using DRAW with BobTIS22R is good. See Expressive Thinking. This early Logo session showed need for a mirror to see both child and video display at once. TIS22R (2)
25R6/2527-8Angles and iterationTIS25R is good. TIS25R (3)
26MR6/3032 M: Slot Machine Mazes
R: Introduction to DELTA
TIS26R is good.
TIS26R. (1)
27RM6/3032R: Delta as a key-in variable;
RM: playing SHOOT
TIS27R is good.
TIS27R (3)
30RM7/0836 Slot machine and Keyboard MAZES
“Robby and Miriam Working Together”
TIS30R is good.
TIS30RM is good.
TIS30R (3 & 3)
35R8/2053Intro to DebuggingTIS35R is OK, but dark. TIS35R (3)
37R8/2154PF* N; Shapes; Fantastic session!TIS37R is good. TIS37R (5)
38R8/2655Shape Families; Shoot/Guidance;
Henry Minsky’s talking Logo
TIS38R is good. TIS38R (3)
40MR8/2956M: Letter to Danny &Margaret with PF;
R: Shape Family: 85-89
TIS40RB is good.
TIS41RA is good.

TIS40R (2)
41R8/2956Shape Family (TIS41RA)
Scurrying turtle
See Panel TIS40R for clip TIS41RA
TIS41RB & 41RC are good.
See TIS40R.
TIS41R. (2)
42R8/3057 Inspi: Vary angle by Delta;
A & B symmetrical inspis (1)
TIS42R is good.
Videos 42 through 49 are core data for the article
Extending a Powerful Idea
TIS42R (3)

43R8/3158 Discoveries with A&B procedures. (2)TIS43R is good. TIS43R (1+4)
R: A & B inspis (delta=8 ) (part 1) (Inspi)
TIS44RA is good. TIS44M NAY
See TIS44R with TIS43R.
46MR9/0359M: Sub-Procs: Making PERSON (2);
R: INSPI: use of prime deltas
TIS46R is good.
TIS46R (8)
48MR9/0460 M: Completing PERSON (2);
R: Inspi’s from Hal’s book of examples;
TIS48R is OK (one short clip; audio is fuzzy, at best)
documenting Rob’s access to Hal’s book.
See TIS47M
TIS48R Hal’s Book (1)
49R9/0761 INSPI families: wonderful workTIS49R is good. TIS49R (3)
52R9/1364“Shoot Final”; descriptions of the space;
Making a sub for CARRIER
TIS52R is OK (it needs work, because on the dark side). Nonetheless, the material is interesting. TIS52R (6)
54R9/1465Sub-procedures <- MAKEDO: CARRIERNAY: not available yet. rework files or redigitize (2012)
TIS#Child1977VHSFinal Profile: ThemesVideo Quality and Relevant LinksVideo Panels
58MR9/22X Conservation of Substance
R: conservation responses.
M: Mixed conservation responses.
TIS58R is good. See TIS07R for initial trials.
For comparison, see TIS58M and TIS06 text analyses.
60R9/28X Balance Experiment & Shape FamiliesTIS60R good. For comparison see TIS59M and the text analysis, Beam Balance, based on TIS11M.
TIS60RE is about combinations. For comparison, see the text analysis Shape Families based on TIS04M and TIS12M.
62MR9/29X.Backspinning; Fermi SpoolTIS62R is good. For comparison, see TIS62M. This is about balancing opposing forces. TIS62R
See also TIS62M.
64R10/1&8XHanoi Tower; inclusion and islandsTIS64R is good. For comparison, see TIS63M. TIS64R
65MR10/03X Physical Skills; teacher role reversal
TIS65A is good. Embedded in LC2a Video, whose purpose is to sketch a broader characterization of Miriam in this archive. TIS65A
67R10/04XTic tac toe and HexapawnTIS67R is good. There are no initial trials, because the theme was a result of Miriam’s own developing interest. See especially the texts at TIS66M in the TIS video index. TIS67R
69R10/07X Bending RodsTIS69R is good. See TIS19R for initial trial. For comparison, see TIS20M and TIS68M. TIS69R
70R10/08XConstructing TracksTIS70R is good. See TIS18R for initial trial; for comparison see panels TIS13M and TIS72M. TIS70R
74MR10/19XRobby Introduces Wumpus digitized but NAY

End of series
Further work needs to be done in preparing and analyzing this material. Links are now in table.

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