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Links to vignettes (at /LC2c-TIS/lc2c-text/LC2cT2 Vignettes) focusing on Miriam as a person, broadly

6.1Magic Words5/14/77
6.2Magic Words5/15/77
7.1A Willing Subject5/18/77
7.2Variably Willing5/19/77
18.1Housekeeping Corner (3)6/2/77
36.1Loosing a Friend6/25/77
47.1Loosing a Tooth7/20/77
48.1Tenable Explanations7/23/77

Binet IQ Examination
LC2aT1 Taking a Binet Test (at /lc2ct2-vignettes/vn01601/) 5/27/77
LC2aT2 Binet Test Summary

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