Vn126.1 Turtle on the Bed 3/14/78

This Saturday morning I sat in the reading alcove working away, and
Miriam came to join me. Robby was downstairs and Gretchen out of the
house. Miriam offered to sit in my lap, but I protested to being busy
and turned her down.

Miriam moped a little, then crawled on my bed and into the center.
She began to move and spin in a most puzzling and distracting fashion.
“What are you doing? You’re driving me batty!” My gripe inspired
Miriam to explain. Requesting a pen and a 3×5 card, she drew the picture
below of what she was doing in her “crawling on the bed game.”

Vn 126-1 Turtle on the Bed

Miriam’s verbal description was that she was “making one of those maze
things.” (Cf. Home Session 23, 2/14/780

I value this incident as an example of Miriam’s exporting into her
play world the kinds of knowledge and activities The Intimate Study
involved her with at Logo.

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