Logo Session (6/3/77), TIS video #22

Theme: Drama: Goldilocks & Three Bears
Source: (Lawler); 6/3/1977
Sessions like this witness the wisdom of Walt Kelly’s wise crack that “Philosophy is the parlor interpretation of the unplanned pandemonium in the kitchen.”
These clips capture a bit of the chaos. For separate descriptions of these sorts of situations, see the TIS Vignettes on “The Housekeeping Corner,”
V14.1 The Housekeeping Corner (1 & 2).
V18.1 The Housekeeping Corner (3, dated 6/2/77).

Stars & Script 2mb

Hula Hoop Show 4mb

The Three Bears (#1) 11mb

The Three Bears (#2) 10mb

The Three Bears (#3) 8mb

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