Logo Session 32, TIS video #26

Theme: Slot Machine Mazes
Source: (Lawler); date: 6/30/1977
The concrete presentation of procedural actions and control flow with the Slot Machine,* coupled with specification of a few variable values through the keyboard,
offers a genetic pathway to procedural knowledge for young children.


Slot Machine Mazes 12 mb

Slot Machine Mazes 14 mb

Slot Machine Mazes 17 mb

Slot Machine Mazes 11 mb

* The Slot Machine was invented and built by Danny Hillis (as an undergraduate, Minsky’s protogé, later the developer of Parallel Lisp and Founder of The Connection Machine Company). This wonderful device was part of a hardware developmental line at the Logo project which began with Radia Perlman’s Button Box (for very young children and for those with limited manual capability) and included the Minsky “General Turtle 3500” computer (This was based on a LSI PDP 11 Logo implementation coupled with a Minsky designed and developed vector graphics display; it was Hillis who proposed the extension in hardware and the Logo Interpreter of the “spin” primitive, which specified a rate of constant angular velocity.) This facility embodied a powerful idea which never found its appropriate market (technical education in secondary and undergraduate curricula).