3V0321.01 Peggy Walking Solo, with tea table as crutch (12/09/78)

Last night the entire family sat in the living room. Gretchen searched through old files to locate our Encyclopedia Brittanica futures contract; I worried about why the fireplace was smoking (a backdraft through the still open bedroom fireplace chimney). I don’t know — none of them until Robby shouted, “Hey, look at Peggy. She’s walking.” and so she was. Peggy must have pulled herself up on the couch cushion then leaned on the light weight tea table beside the couch. I saw her proceeding across the open floor on two legs, pushing before her the tea table which helped support her upper body.

note: 1/26/2011: something appears missing from this text, around “I don’t know.” compare earlier sources. (RWL)

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