3V0536,02 [Thank you] surprisingly crisp articulation; spontaneous (7/12/79)

Peggy goes barefoot. It’s summer and the pediatricians advised
Gretchen to keep her that way. But this has given her some small
splinters from the cedar planks on the front steps. Complaining of the
problem yesterday, Peggy was relieved of her splinter collection by my
digging them out with a needle. Today she came to me, crawled up
onto the couch beside me, and pulled at her foot. I saw a splinter, still
protruding, and pulled it from her foot with my fingernails. [Thank
you] Peggy said, quite clearly albeit imperfectly (the initial consonant
was not clearly enunciated). Her elocution was so surprising that
Gretchen and I both looked at each other with shocked expressions.

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