3V0567.01 A Complex Sentence; Comprehension of complex sentences (?) :

After release from her high chair, Peggy will come begging food at the
table. This is especially true where Gretchen and I stay long after the
meal is past. This evening Peggy came asking for a wheat thin ([that!
that!]). I gave her a cracker and (knowing she likes best of all the
cheese we spread on them) said, “If you want some cheese on that, go
to your mama.” Peggy looked at the cracker, then over to Gretchen.
Speeding around the table, Peggy gave her cracker to Gretchen and as
Gretchen reached out with her knife, Peggy said [cheese! cheese!].
Receiving the covered cracker, Peggy turned it on end and scraped the
cheese off the surface with her teeth.

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