3V0767.01 Don’t rub your eyes”; imitation as analysis by synthesis (2/28/80)

So, Gretchen reminded me. I sat in my chair with Peggy and one of her
books on my lap. (My eyes get itchy from allergic reactions and I rub
them excessively, almost without noticing). Peggy turned, looked at me
(after I had stopped) and said “/do/ruhb/aiz/.” Why?

What is THIS imitation all about ? Is it analysis by synthesis, i.e. does it
help Peggy understand another’s meaning to try producing her own
first interpretation ?
A weaker help: does producing her own copy confirm for her ability to
make sense of what she hears ?
A NOVEL idea: could this imitation of speech be useful in elaborating
and/or exercising the new network of verbal links abuilding between
disparate frames that are object and event oriented ?
How can I answer these questions ?

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