Peggy Study, Video P030

Themes: Object Knowledge, pre-Language Communication
Source: (Lawler); date: 8/20/1978

Text commentary: This panel is an attempt to use directly for this archive material edited earlier. The quality of the clips may be inadequate. This failing will be remedied eventually by returning to earlier sources and reproducing this clips with better technique.
What is important to notice can be seen in the existing clips. Peggy does NOT follow her mother’s gaze or any other reference to her brother in that specific test in P30B.

P30A Hidden Objects, 8mb

P30B Following Gaze, Pointing, 6mb

P30C Using Her Cup, 10mb

P30D1a Objects, on the Floor, 21mb

P30D1b Peggy with Objects, on the Floor, 18mb

P30D2a Ring Tower, on the Floor, 25mb

P30D2b Ring Tower, on the Floor, 24mb

P30D2cRing Tower, on the Floor, 22mb

P30D3 Blocks, on the Floor, 12mb

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