Peggy Study, Panel P035

Themes: Early Language Interactions, Object Exploration, a Typical Feeding SItuation
Source: (Lawler); date: 9/24/1978

Text commentary: These early clips show Peggy can be engaged in vocal communication; they help define a baseline for language development.
The early play with objects on the floor has and has had the same purpose.

P35A1 Feeding, w/GPL, 12mb

P35A2 pre-Conversations, 12mb

P35A3 pre-Conversations, 21mb

P35A4 pre-Conversations, 12mb

P35B1 Objects on the Floor, 27mb

P35B2 Objects on the Floor, 29mb

P35C Choosing Between Toys, 9mb

P35D Box with Blocks Title, 24mb

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