Peggy Study, Panel P040

Themes: Social Interactions, Communications, and Object Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 10/31/1978

Title: Pre-Language Communication and Object Understanding
Text commentary: GPL feeds Peggy in her usual fashion, then urges Peggy to choose between two objects. Peggy does NOT understand what is expected of her but vaguely suggests some preference for the doll by reaching initially in its direction. Peggy plays with Bob’s pipe and he “talks to her/with her.” These activities are not important in respect of any claims made here about Peggy’s understanding, but more as documentation of what “comes naturally” in her social context. Similarly, her play with both rolling objects and her standard set of objects continues documenting her repertoire of actions and understandings.

P40A GPL Feeding Peggy, 24mb

P40B Object Choice, 8mb

P40C Pipe Play/Communication, 29mb

P40D1 Rolling, with Mirror, 27mb

P40D2 Rolling, without Mirror, 19mb

P40E Standard Objects, 17mb

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