Peggy Study, Panel P062

Themes: Sibling Interaction, Standard Objects and more, Communication
Source: (Lawler); date: 4/1/1979
This date is uncertain because of reference to a solar eclipse; there was none on this date.

Text commentary: In these clips, bright sun light causes recording variation when Peg moves in and out of shadows

P62A1 Play with Foxie, with Miriam, 20mb

P62A2 Play Toss Foxie, with Miriam, 7mb

P62B1 Standard Objects, 21mb

P62B2 Pen Play, 10mb

P62B3 Objects: Roll, Chase, 14mb

P62C Plastic Letters, 26mb

P62D1 Objects & Letters, 7mb

P62D2 Objects, Balls: Toss & Get, 17mb

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