Peggy Study, Panel P109

Themes: Language Development, Object Knowledge, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 2/24/1980

Text commentary: I am not proud of letting my frustration surface so much in this session, but it came from the technology (30 minute video tapes) that I couldn’t afford as a grad student ($15. each, in 1970’s). Times spent on re-reading “Little Black” etc. were lost opportunities for other data capture.

P109A Singing/Talking, 2mb

P109B Building Blocks, 13mb

P109C Talk w/Camera Man, 10mb

P109D1 Reading Pictures, 20mb

P109D2 Reading Pictures, 21mb

P109E Building Blocks, 8mb

P109F More Books?, 20mb

P109G Standard Objects, 22mb

P109H Madeline, Again, 24mb

P109I Madeline, w/GPL, 6mb

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