Peggy Study, Panel P160

Themes: Typewriters & Letters, Puzzle Assembly, Order (Rods) & Classification (Shapes)
Source: (Lawler); date: 2/15/1981

Text commentary: These clips show language development and Peggy’s engagement with all these issues

P160A Talk Snippet, 2mb

P160B1 Typewriter, 20mb

P160B2 IBM Selectric, 23mb

P160B3 IBM Selectric, 21mb

P160C School Bus Puzzle, 20mb

P160D1 Cuisenaire Rods, 21mb

P160D2 Cuisenaire Rods, 13mb

P160E1 Shapes Families, 6mb

P160E2 Shapes Families, 22mb

P160F School Bus Puzzle, 3mb

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