Peggy Study, Panel P174

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction: Computer Use
Source: (Lawler); date: tbd

Text commentary: The computer used here, a TI-99 PC, was the MIT Logo Project development machine; when the Lab shipped TI-Logo to Texas Instruments, Seymour Papert released the machine for use in my developmental study of Peggy for for my creation of what we came to call computer based microworlds.

P174A Using ABC Program, 29mb

P174B1 Monkey Jump (Hanoi Tower), 19mb

P1744B2 Monkey Jump (Hanoi Tower), 18mb

P174C Discrete Substance, 27mb

P174D1 Colored Blocks, 24mb

P174D2 Colored Blocks, 9mb

P174E Plastic Letters, 16mb

P174F Toy Animals Play, 8mb

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