Peggy Study, Panel P193

Themes: Social Interaction, TI-Logo Issues, Sharing & Counting
Source: (Lawler); date:

Text commentary: These clips focus on Miriam and Peggy playing “together”; they revolve around a set of blocks purchased on a joint visit to the Boston Children’s Museum; also a TI-Logo session raises issues in child interaction with computers. Counting naturally arises in the context of sharing and trading blocks.

P193A1 TI-Logo Dummy? 14mb

P193A2 Logo Wipe Out, 15mb

P193B1 Distributing Blocks, 26mb

P193B2 Blocks with Miriam, 22mb

P193B3 Blocks and Towers, 12mb

P193B4 Towers and Walls, 24mb

P193B5 Castles & Walls, 20mb

P193B6 Castles & Walls, 18mb

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