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Vn129.1 Robby Computes a Tax 4/5/78 Robby caught on fire again today. He approached me inquiring, “How much is half of 423?” Miriam responded to his question from the other room, “2 hundred and 11 and a half.” I told her to stop butting in and asked Robby how much was half of 400, then …

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Vn122.1 Carrying Bugs 2/5/78 Invited to play at a friend’s house, Miriam waited for Gretchen to drive her there. During this vacuum of activity, I asked her if she remembered how to add with carries (cf. Home Session 23). Miriam reacted impatiently, as though it were foregone that she did. She agreed to solve a …

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Vn112.1 How Her Teacher Sees Miriam 12/7/77 Miriam’s teacher, Sue, sees her as a special child in several ways. Her surprise at Miriam’s easy solution of class inclusion problems (cf. Vignette 90, Meeting Miriam’s Teacher) shows she had reason outside of anything I told her in our first meeting. She learned of Miriam’s continuing work …

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Vn104.1 Back to School 10/14/77 During the last days of our project experiments, I promised Miriam to visit her first grade class as I had visited in kindergarten. I had the mistaken impression that Miriam had arranged my visit with Ms. Fieman. The oversight proved to be no problem, for despite my beard and over-size …

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Vn98.1 Miriam’s New Reader 9/24/77-10/3/77 9/24 Since I was uncertain how much Miriam’s reading skill had developed over the summer (focused as much of it was on reading Peanuts and Pogo cartoons), I could not easily judge what would best test Miriam’s capacity. We discussed the problem. Miriam characterized the book used in Miriam at …

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Vn95.1 Why the Project is Ending Now 9/18 & 27/77 9/18 Miriam has expressed her desire to do the same work as her class- mates, her preference for doing the whatever ‘math’ they will do at school to learning the kind of math we do together. I take this prefer- ence as a strong commitment …

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Vn92.1 Company for Dinner 9/14/77 This has been a week for company at our house. Fernando Curado and José Valente first, then Bertrand Schwartz and Antoinette together with Laurie Miller, and this evening Seymour and the Minskys. My intention in asking Marvin and Gloria here at this time was to provide a sense of setting …

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Vn90.1 Meeting Miriam’s Teacher 9/11-12/77 9/11 This Sunday morning, Miriam inquired of me if I knew what kind of a teacher she had. When I admitted I did not, she continued: Miriam Nice. She says if the math problems are too easy, I won’t have to do them. Bob What will you do instead? Miriam …

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Vn80.1 Planning for School 9/2/77 Miriam, showing her unprompted concern, began the following dialogue. I transcribed it from memory (not tape) about 2 hours after the fact. The content is accurate, though the sequence of points may be a bit muddled. Miriam What do you think the teacher will say when she finds out I …

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Vn73.1 Not Being Ready; Logo vs. School 8/26/77 For the past week Miriam has been mentioning that she doesn’t ‘feel ready for school.’ I’ve tried to find out what Miriam means by her feeling ‘not-ready.’ In one case, she explained to me that she didn’t know what they do there. In another incident, at the …

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Vn67.1 Think and Do 8/17/77 I asked Miriam today if she had read all the stories in the book Friends, Old and New (the book used in initially assessing Miriam’s reading ability in Miriam at 6). She thumbed through the book, said she hadn’t read them all, but found the stories just too easy. What …

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Vn43.1 Binary Counting 7/7/77 At dinner this evening, the topic of counting on fingers arose. After performing some finger sum, Miriam turned to Robby with 2 fingers of her left hand raised and all the fingers of her right and asked: Miriam Robby, how much is this? Robby 7. Miriam No. It’s 25. Tricked by …

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Vn032.01 The Word Box 6/20/77 As her term end in kindergarten approaches, Miriam brings home more of materials from school. Today came the Word Box — a small plastic case for holding 3×5 cards. As a reading-readiness activity, the children are, occasionally, asked to select some word whose spelling they would like to learn. The …

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Vn017A Arithmetic Ripples 5/28/77 After the session in which I introduced Miriam to adding large numbers (see Home Session 4, 5/28), passing Miriam’s room I noticed in her open loose-leaf book a page of computation. Miriam later gave it to me and I include it as Addendum 17 – 1. Note that the written form …

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Vn016 Binet Test 5/27/77 Miriam has known for over a week that our next trip into Boston would be for taking a test. I had introduced her to the idea with the explanation that nearly everyone takes such a test some time and that she was simply taking this test earlier than most other children. …

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