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P146G: Nesting Boxes and Cups 29mb

P146G Clip Notes

Notes: 6:25 by Analyst: News, 7/03/2013; P146GdetailsA, 10/12/13; P146GdetailsEF, 10/12/13; P146GdetailsH, 10/12/13;
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Nesting Boxes as well as Nesting Cups
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:

Starts with Peg completing asssembly of nesting cups.
Bob: “Good for you! You did it again.” Peg: “Yep.”
Peg: pours out the cups onto the floor to repeat her performance and Bob interrupts, challenging her with with a “harder” problem if she is willing.
Bob: walks off camera to get the nesting boxes; her glance follows him, a look of uncertainty on her face.
Bob: puts down the boxes, asking “Do you think you can do it with these?”
Peg responds confidently “Oh yeah. I can do it with those.”
Bob: I don’t believe it.” Peg continues organizing the cups for stacking. Bob: interrupts
Episode B:

Bob: “Could you turn around this way, Peggy?” Then he collects all the cups. She moves, but not as he wanted, so he taps on the floor and says, “Sit over here.” She does then starts drawing the cups to her.
Episode C:

Peg: says “******” expressing an intention to asssembly all the cups, and then proceeds to do so, commenting on her actions / thinking out loud. She starts saying “No,” when running into an insertion block, and then proceeds directly to remove the blocking cup to make room for the candidate in her hands.
Bob: notes she got “a whole lot of yesses there and hardly any ‘no’s’.”
Episode D:

Bob: pushes forward the nesting boxes, in various orientations and positions, “Do you think you can make these go together ?” As she leans over to the boxes, he removes the cups “I’ll get these out of your way” and Peg expresses objection but no verbal protest.
Bob: says I’ll give them back in a little bit, OK?”
Episode E:
at 2:0
Peg: Picks up the smallest box and inserts it into the large box (at 2:0), saying “You go like this-a-way.” picking up the medium size box. She sees the small box blocking and removes it and tries inserting the medium box in the large one in an off-orientation and without aligning the corners.
Peg: Then says “you gotta play those a little bit,” while rotating the medium box on top of the large one.
Peg: “There’s it fit” and let’s it down.
Episode F:
at 2:10
Immediately picking up the small box (at 2:10) she changes her plan, moving to insert the assembled boxes into the largest one — whose orientation she needs to change and does so with one hand while holding the other boxes with the other. She gets it in directly, then turns to and picks up the smallest box, inserts it in the stack and says, “I did it.”
Bob: “I didn’t think you could do it.” GPL: “Wow!”
Episode G:
at 2:24
Bob: returns the collection of nesting cups to P. (at 2:24) turning them all upside down (presenting the alternate stacking challenge) but…
Peg: says “And I can turn them all up.” She proceeds to do so and concludes, “I did it.” (at 3:13).
Episode H:
at ~3:13
Peg: returns to assembly of nesting cups, making two wrong-size insertion attempts. She continues with the verbal commentary of “no’s” when she sees a blockage. She runs into a number of problems;
Bob: says “she apparently has not realized yet that the sinking of one cup completely within another indicates there is an order problem.” GPL disagrees.
Bob: asks “Is it clear to you as it appears to me she doesn’t pay much attention to the color, though it may have something to do with memorizing short sequences.”
Peg: completes stack at 5:15.
Bob: There you are. What do you think.”
Peg: “That makes my big city.”
Episode I:
at ~5:15
Bob: tries to interest Peg in “another kind of big city you can build with the same cups,” but she is resistant and keeps them to herself, again distributing the cups for re-executing the inclusion activity.
Unclear dialogue *****. (ends at 6:25)
This video panel culminates the triumph of order, and Peggy’s mastery of physical inclusion relations with those familiar toys of years’ long-standing. Her achievement was exactly as Mimi Sinclair had projected, around the end of her third year. How precisely she developed in this line is one of the core themes of the Infant Peggy Study. It will be the first exploration in respect of space and the relations of objects in space.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.


P146A: Toys, Legos, Talk 32mb

P146A Clip Notes

Content remains in process.

Notes: 6:55 by Analyst, 10/04/2013
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Toys, Legos and Talk
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: Peg: He flyin’ like a birdie.  Bob: He’s flying like a birdie.  Who’s flying like a birdie? Peg: ?unclear?  Bob: (passing FP toy person to her) Can you show me what you mean? 
Peg: (moving person onto Lego stack) He’s flying low, he bumps into it, stands up…. He going up, up, up to here. 
Bob: What is this part out here?  What’s this part out here?  What’s this part supposed to be?  Peg: (laying the toy down in Lego inverted arch) Like a person, he ?unclear? and fall down.  Bob: Like a person?  Peg: (sits back) ?unclear?  through the night. 
Bob: (pushing the wheeled Lego stack toward her). Peg: (pushing the wheeled stack back and forth; the person falls out). 
Bob: I don’t understand. It sounded as though you said something like “like unto be for the night.” 
Peg: (knocks the Lego stack over)  Fell down.
Episode B:
0:58 to2:15
Peg: ?unclear? I like it like that.
Bob: I like it a different way. Can I show you how I like it?
Peg: ?unclear?
Bob: I like it this way… and I like this one gone… Whoops. I like it this way…. so if the Daddy wants to take a nap, he can sleep right there. Is that good?… or bad?
Peg: ?unclear? Run away…
Bob: Who’s that? (pointing)
Peg: I don’t know.
Bob: Just something you’ve come back with?
Peg: ?unclear?… just a lady. ?unclear?
Bob: There goes that ?unclear? lady.
Episode C:
Bob: Who’s this? (picking up the striker for the Xylopipes; “walking it in her direction).
Peg: Who’s that?
Bob: You know what this ?unclear?
Peg: No.
Bob: You don’t? (let’s it fall on the pipes; resounding noise).
Peg: Who’s that’s a man.
Bob: You think that’s a man? Why’s that a man?
Peg: He married the lady.
Bob: I don’t think so. (lets it fall, again, on the pipes.)
Peg: (seizes the striker and picks up a Lego arch piece, returns both to her structure). ?unclear? …(?wicked old?) lady.
Bob: the witch?
Peg: No! That guy.
Bob: (pointing to the striker0 Do you know how to use that with these things here?
Peg: (she crawls over to pipes with striker; starts and then succeeds at inserting striker into the largest pipe) in here.
Bob: You think so?
Peg: Yah! It’s supposed to be a big city. [interpretation possible, but required here.] (extracting the striker, then re-inserting it in the pipe).. Goes way, way down.
Peg: I like to go Merry-go-round.
Episode D:
to 3:46
wonderful example of how Peg answers a questions for which she does not have the words or references by specifying a situation we were both in… my keeping her from falling off the merry-go-round.
Peg: I like to go Merry-go-round.
Bob: You do?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: Where do you like to do that?
Peg: Where you hold me. I might fall down.
Bob: Oh, you mean when we were down at the Guilford fair? And you were on the merry-go-round and I held you so you did not fall down?
Peg: Yeah!
Bob: That was fun. And I loved it.
Episode E:
3:25 to 4:24
Bob: You know what I think you do with these (picking up the striker)?
Peg: (putting her hands over her ears)
Bob: I guess you know. You use this to tickle a foot. (does so; then bangs Xylopipes) well OK. You don’t have to play with this. I just brought it out because you were playing with it earlier…. You were using it as a whacker.
Peg: (touching the rubber pad under the pipes). How about this?
Bob: That’s just something to keep it from banging on the floor…. and you can use this (the striker) to hit any of the pipes you want, but you don’t have to.
Episode F:
4:25 to 4:45;
Peg: Let’s Get More Logos.
Bob: More Logos?… I don’t know where we have any more…. I thought they were called Legos.
Peg: (definitely) Logos.
GPL: There are probably more free floating in the toy chest where I got these.
Bob: Well, why don’t you shut off the camera while we search.
Episode G:
4:45 Lego Motel;to 5:10
Bob: Well, we sure got a lot of stuff, didn’t we?
Peg: Yep. ?unclear? (She builds vertical structure into which she fits FP people).
Bob: Oh, that’s what they’re for.
GPL: She builds whole motels like that.
Peg: (fitting people in slots; verbalization unclear)
Episode H:
5:11 to 5:51
Peg: (picking up a toy doll) It’s broken, and you should fix it.
Bob: Well, why don’t you fix it?
Peg: I’m not a big guy yet.
Bob: OK
Peg: I’ll grow to be a big guy ?unclear? … he’s up on a horse.
peg: ?unclear? (starts focus on the toy horse and its detail). Eyes, face, head, and tail. (Comparing the detail of the toy doll with the horse; verbalization garbled)
Episode I:
5:52 to 6:31
Bob: Let’s turn around this way so we can see what you’re saying.
Peg: (This comic interlude shows how incommensurable are our perspectives. As we try to get Peg to sit facing the camera, her perspective is entirely different — one based on being close to or remote from the camera. A second possible alternative: she is focused on being opposite her play companion, Bob [less likely].)
Episode J:
6:32 to 6:55
Bob: You got all these Legos out. What are you going to do with them?
Peg: Put ’em back
GPL: Put ’em all back, did she say?
Peg: (pushes the Legos into a pile, then powers them in Bob’s direction; she bring into the context a girl doll, bouncing it on the floor)
Bob: Hop a long girl?
Peg: (bringing to the context a rabbit, bouncing it) Run, run, the rabbit runs along.


Panel P146, Order Triumphs.


P146B: Stories & Telephone 15mb

P146B Clip Notes

Notes: 3:19 by Analyst, 10/02/2013
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Stories, Telephone use
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: Peg: (pushing toys) Push ’em all; put ’em all back. B: (making a noise).
Peg: Here’s the turtle, hop a long. 
Bob: “Hop-a-long Turtle?” 
Peg: Bouncing her toy rabbit) Run… Run… The rabbit wanda run. 
Bob: (not understanding) The Rabbit runned to run? (Speaks over Peg) “What did the rabbit do?” Peg: “Run.”
Episode B: Peg: Ring ring. (returns from Toy Box with telephone): This telephone ring. 
Bob: I heard it ring.  Do you want to answer the phone? 
Peg: (moves turning her back to camera). 
Bob: (tapping the floor) Peggy, sit over here.  (she does.) 
Peg (Picking up the handset, banging it on the base): “Ring, Ring.”  
Bob: “I heard the phone ring.  Are you going to answer the phone?” 
Peg: (picking up a toy person) “Let somebody else do it.” 
Episode C: Peg: (Bringing toy person to the phone; (Using a girl “acting” voice”) “Hello.” (using a deeper voice”) “Yeah.” 
Peg: (unclear girl voice word); (using male voice): “No.” (puts down the phone and makes doll walk away. “Wanted Grandma.” 
Bob: “Did she want to talk to her?” Peg: “No.”
Episode D: Peg: (looking at toy pile): “She (or you) better ride the horse.” (moving toys together).  “She run away with the horse.” 
Bob: “Looks like the horse is running away with her.” 
Peg: (putting the person toy back): (unclear phrase): ?Have to wait with the people? 
Peg: bounces the horse as she turns, saying “Run, run…  run,  run..” (bring horse to people)
?unclear phrase?  
Episode E: Bob: (picking a toy person): “How about this guy?”
Peg: (picking others) “How bout two people?” 
Bob: “Two people, one person”
Peg: Yes (putting both on horse; counts first person, pauses, then says) “One horse.”  “Run, run, run” (bouncing along ) “He run away with the people.”  “Run, run, run, he run away with the Daddy.” (raising the toys up) “Woo !  People up there.”  (Puts all the toys down; putting a person on a Lego piece, she changes focus to Legos.)  
Peg: (unclear: ?yellow,red? 
Bob: What colors did you  say they were?” 
Peg: “Rellow, Blue.  Red.” 
Episode F: 1:52 Peg: (picks up the handset)
Bob: (gruff voice) “Who’s there? 
Peg: (puts down the phone). “Nobody there.” 
Bob: “I thought I heard somebody say ‘Who’s there?’ ” 
Peg: I think she’s Grandma.” 
GPL: “Grandma, what a deep voice you have.” 
Bob: (makes noises). 
Peg: {“Ring.” (picks up the handset) “Hello?”  (to Bob) “Guess somebody who’s there.” 
Bob: “Who’s there?” 
Peg: “Metsy.” 
Bob: “Who?” 
Peg: I think she’s my little ?grandor? called Betsy.” 
GPL:  “Betsy.  That’s from one of Scary’s books. Betsy bear wrote a letter to her grandmother to wish her a happy birthday.” 
Bob: Is that right? 
Peg: “Yeah.  (talking into the phone) It’s good that you’re OK.  (unclear phrases about birthday) “have a happy birthday. (hangs up handset) Bye.” 
Peg: “Betsy was there.” 
Bob: I’m glad she was there. 
Peg: “She’s grandma was there.” 
Bob: “Hey, would you like to see a puzzle that’s got another grandma in it?” 
Peg: “Where?”  B. 
Bob:”It’s one you know already (getting up) You stay right here.  I’ll get the puzzle.”


Toys; play as volatile fantasy rising from aspects of available objects, links between current action, social interaction, and memories of other stories.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.


P146C: Grandma Puzzle 14mb

P146C Clip Notes

Notes:3:00 by Analyst, 10/2/2013
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Grandma Puzzle
Actors,Aims Peggy & Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: early seconds overlap prior pane;
Bob: (putting down the puzzle) “How About this?” …”Do you see the Grandma? (pointing) That’s the Grandma, right there.”  (dumps out the puzzle) Can you put that together now?”  P. “OK.”
Episode B: Peg: (fits the first piece.)
Peg: “I gonna have another birthday… when I grow to be Betsy.”  
Bob: “You’re gonna grow to be Betsy?  P. “Yeah.” 
Bob: “Well, when will you stop being Peggy?”  P. “I’ll grow to be a big girl.” 
Bob: “I sure hope that’s true.” 
Peg: Yeah, I sure hope I…” (changes focus to the piece she is fitting in puzzle) P. (as fitting pieces, mixed noises of satisfaction and frustration)…
Episode C:

Bob: (as camera zooms in) “I bet you know where all the pieces go, don’t you?”  GPL: “I bet she does.  I bet she can put it together faster than I can… Well, maybe not, but I think she knows better which piece goes where.” 
Bob: Well what’s very striking is that there are two pieces of the dress that are superficially identical, bu — GPL: “Yeah, right.”   
Bob: “But she is picking them up and putting them in the right place.” 
Bob: She has a little trouble fitting in things like that (image ref.) —
Peg: “Yeah, I know.”  
Bob: (squeezing up the piece into place) Yeah. “That’s a tricky one” (as P. puts the second part of the dress in place.) 
Bob: (as P. puts the “wolf face” in place): “Do you believe that’s the grandma?”  P. “Yep.  I believe it is.”   GPL: “Grandma, what big eyes you have.” 
Bob: “Well, it’s gonna be a while before we send you off through the woods, kid.”  P. “Well, it’s not messy anymore.”

Episode D: Bob: (tapping RRH): “Do you know the name of this girl here?”  P.  “Nah.” 
Bob: “That’s Little Red Riding Hood.”  
Peg: (pointing at the image) “An this she sees is a wolf.”  B. “That a Wolf?” P. “Yeah.”
Bob: “I thought I told you it was a grandma.” 
Peg: (pointing at the face) “Look this one’s a wicked wolf.” 
Bob: “Well, it’s a wicked wolf, that’s right.” 
Peg: “I think it put on a cap and set out in the woods to ?visit/look like? Grandma.” 
Bob: “Who put on a cap and went out in the woods, the wolf?  (pointing) Cause the wolf’s got a cap on.” 
Peg: (pointing at LRR feet) “And she’s got her goot (?boots?) on too.” …  GPL: “Fat ankles”
Episode E: Peg: (dragging other toys on stage) “I want to play with these animals, because they want to be played with.”
Interplay of current objects, social interaction, recall of memories and well known stories.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.


P146D: Playing with Peggy’s Toys 27mb

P146D Clip Notes

Notes: 3:09 by Analyst, 10/2/2013
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Peggy’s Toys
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: Peg: (pulling toys “on stage”) I play with these toys ’cause they want to be played with.  Bob: “Is that right?  They want to be played with?” Peg: “Yeah, they want to.” 
Bob: “Do they want me to play with them, or just you?”  Peg: “You gonna play with me and toys.”   Bob: “OK” (aside “how far along are we, Gretchen?”  GPL: “135.”) 
Bob: (bouncing the horse toward Peggy)  Peg: “Hi”  Bob: “Hi.”  Peg: (chicken runs away).  Bob: “:Where’d that chicken go?”  Peg: (bouncing the toy on her knee) “Right here!” 
Bob: “There you are.  I see you.  You want a ride, chicken?”  Peg: “Yeah.”  Bob: “OK.  Get on my back.”   Bob: (Giddy-ump, giddy-ump, uh-oh, we’ve come to a river.  Will you stay on my back?”  Peg: “OK”  Bob: ” Here we go in the river…
Bob: Hey, chicken , where did you go?”  Peg: (moving away) “Way up there.” 
Bob: “You must have read the Gingerbread man….” Bob: (horse nosing around for chicken)  GPL: “Whoever heard of a horse eating chicken?” 
Episode B: Peg: “Don’t eat me!”  Bob: (as horse) “Why not?” Peg: ” ‘Cause I’m not food.”  Bob: “You’re not? I thought you were a chicken.”  Peg: “Oh.” (lifts up the horse) “Run, run.  He just eat ’em…. Run, run.   He needs to rest now.” 
Bob: “You know what?… Here comes a rabbit… Gobble, gobble, gobble.(eating the horse) ”  Peg: “Run, run” (turning away).  “He runs away from the rabbit.”  Bob: “Did you know that horses are food too?”  Peg: “Hi.”  Bob: “Hi, come here, food.” GPL: “And so are rabbits!”  Bob: “Rabbits?  Rabbits are food too? Ahh!” (hiding behind Bob).  Peg: “Don’t eat me.”  Bob: “He’s hiding.”  Peg: (confusion here) “Run, run.. He run away… Hi”    Bob: Good.  
Peg: “Hi!”  Bob: “Hi.”  Peg: “Hi.  Don’t eat me.”  Bob: “I won’t eat you if you don’t eat me.”   Peg: “OK.”  Bob: “Good.  It’s a good deal then.”  Peg: “Yep.”
Episode C: Peg: ?unclear? “Give you a ride.”  ?unclear?  Bob: (picking up the chicken) “Don’t believe him.  He really ate me.” 
Peg: “Don’t eat me.”  Bob: (the Bunny again) “OK.  I’ll eat you.” 
Peg: “No!. Don’t eat me.” (now with both animals, rotating on her seat) “Run, run… they are running around ?unclear? “They are running around ?to wake? the dog.” 
Bob: “No, I don’t think you should wake up the dog. Leave the poor dog alone.” 
Peg: “I think it’s not dark outside yet.” 
Bob: “She can sleep anyway, even if it’s not dark outside yet.” 
EpisodeD: Peg: (making noises, still near the dog; looking back at Bob)   “They’re walking away… hop, hop.” 
Bob: Peggy, would you like to play with my other toys?”  Peg: “What? … What?” 
Bob: “The toys over there.”  Peg: “Oh yeah.” (pushing her toys into a pile and crossing to get the standard toys). “You can play with these.” 
Bob: “OK. We’ll play with these toys later too.”
Limited repertoire, drama from danger, “gingerbread man” story in the background, interactions with adult participant, justification for waking the dog

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.


P146E: Ring Tower 12mb

P146E Clip Notes

Notes: 3:12 by Analyst: News, 7/05/2013; P146EdetailsDF, Episodes D-F, 10/10/2013; Meaning, NAY.
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Ring Tower; 3:13
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera. Focusing on order.
Episode A: Peg: I’m done. Somebody can play with them. (She crosses to shelves to get down standard objects.)
Bob: Okay we’ll play with these toys later, too. (Pushing her toys aside.)
Bob: Do you need help with that? I think you do. (He rises to assist her.) Here, I got it.
Peg: (entering) I carry this end.
Bob: That’s a really good way to do it (setting it in place). Peg: Yep.
Bob: why don’t you come around here? (sitting down in front of tray.)
Episode B:
at 0:22
Peg: (in place) getting all toys out. (She removes the large box from the tray, and continues with the ring towers spindle; she removes the large box and puts it out of the way beyond the near beyond the tray near Bob.)
Peg: getting all the toys out. (Then moves spindle closer to Bob, who says “okay.”)
Peg: (Her focus is on the nesting cups.)
Episode C:
at 0:32
Peg: getting them all over here, all the cups for me. (Collecting cups; only 3-4 in tray.) Where the cups? (She is used to having a dozen.)
Bob: (passing last cup to her) here’s one cup.
Peg: where’s more bunch of cups?
Bob: that’s all the cups we have for now.
Peg: (placing one cup inside the other) here, where more cups… Get more cups.
Bob: we have a lot of rings today.
Episode D:
at 0:52
Bob: [lifting and dropping rings] See all these rings. [moves spindle in front of Peg] “Wanta play with those?
Peg: [reaches into try and puts largest ring on the spindle first.] ” ?*****? That goes way down.” [tries another ring, too small for the available slot on the spindle; she squeezes the bottom ring up to it]
Peg: [looking at a ring in the tray, at ~1:12, she points at the spindle gap] “I think that should go there.”
Bob: “What? What’s the matter?” Peg [picks up an even smaller ring, puts it on the floor and removes topmost ring.]
Bob: “Need help?… You got it.”
Peg: [picks another ring from the try] “That goes way down,” [but it does not.] “No.” [she removes it.]
Peg: [turns again to the tray and picks up the right sized ring; the last one there.]
Peg: “?I think that should get it?” [tries it on the spindle, with her fingers still inside the hole; it does not go down][as Peg starts to remove the ring, at 1:30 she takes her fingers out of the hole, which makes it loose enough she can make the ring go all the way down.]
Bob: “That was because you had your finger there.”
Episode E:
at 1:35
Peg: [picks a small ring from the tray; she tries it, sees it does not fit.] “That doesn’t go way down way down.” [she removes it] [next, Peg tries 2 together, and the fit and slip into place.]
Peg: “These two, and ?you? too.” [adding another on top; but it doesn’t fit; she looks around, and in the tray.]
Bob: [pointing] There’s one you put under, around there somewhere.”
Peg: [extracts it from under her dress and puts it on top of the non-fitting ring at 1:55] [She finds another ring]
Peg: “?Aren’t these fickle?” [she removes the non-fitting ring and places the fit ring to fill the gap; then places the next two rings in place.]
Peg: I did real good this time.
Bob: “that’s perfect, Peggy. You did beautifully.” Peg: “yeah.”
Episode F:
at 2:15:
Bob: “How did you figure that out?” [picks up the spindle and dumps off the rings.] “I’ll bet you couldn’t do it again.”
Peg: [takes up the spindle and the challenge but turns away from the camera, putting the bottom ring on. Bob re-orients her.]
Bob: “Look, Peg. Do it over here, so we can see it on the video camera. Will you turn around a little?”
Peg: [tries a small ring, which will not go down far., and removes it.] “No.” [Peg tries a larger ring which does go down but leaves a gap.] “No.”
Peg: “Say “No. No” [fitting on the correct ring] “On the side.” [?ref. to where the ring had been?]
Peg: [picks the next fitting ring, and another one.] Peg “Getting these all on.” [but that last one did not fit.]
Peg: “This doesn’t wanta go on.” [as she removes it.] Peg [places the remaining rings on in order.]
Bob: “That’s beautiful. You did it once again.” Peg: “Yeah”
Bob: “Shall I get you the other cups now ?
Peg: “OK.” [Bob rises to do so and spills the rings into the tray.]
The Ring Tower’s conical spindle forces stacking rings in order. When Peg was younger, Bob replaced that conical spindle with a regular cylinder. When Peg was able to place all the rings on the cyldrical spindle, the complication of the order constraint was restored by returning the concial spindle to the toy.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.


P146F: Nesting Cups 21mb

P146F Clip Notes

Notes: 4:38

by Analyst: News, 7/05/2013; P146FdetailsBF 10/12/13; P146FdetailsG 10/12/13; Meaning NAY

Cedar Hall, Family Room: Nesting Cups (all)

Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
at 0:20

Bob: gets “missing” cups for Peg [asks if she can play with ring tower again]
Bob: “Or I can just give you all these cups.” [dropping them on the floor in front of her] Peg “Yeah….Thank you.”
Bob: “Peggy, I’ll tell you what. I would like you to sit right here.” [he moves her around, while she picks up cups; she again turns away from the camera.]
Episode B:
at 0:40

Bob: [emptying cups onto floor, point] “How’d that get in there?” Peg [continues putting cups inside]
Bob: “Oh you put that in there?” Peg “Yep.” [tries another cup, blocked by the one already in it.
Peg: [removes inside cup, places larger one inside, then puts the removed cup inside the additional one.]
Peg: [picks up another two cups, removes those just inserted, and places the latest 2 cups inside the big one. Then tries the removed cups, still in hand. Blocked.] “No.”
Peg: [selects a smaller cup which will fit; takes out one, puts in another. Hesitates. {Appears not to know which she should prefer.}
Peg: [takes out the last single cup inserted; replaces the 2 cups from left hand, then inserts the just removed cup inside the 2 cups..]
Peg: [ she backs off from inserting the smallest nearby cup in the current string.]
Episode C:
at 1:13

Peg: [reaches for large included cup. It is smaller than her container, but she tries putting the container and its string inside the included cup. Fails.] She works it out in the minute up to 2:00
Episode D:
at 2:??

Peg: [tops up her stack , inserting smaller cups, apparently beginning to check for size visually before inserting her next candidate…]
Episode E:
at 2:38

Peg: [while inserting one small cup, Peg spies an unincorporated larger cup; removes her stack from container and inserts IT in the bigger cup, then reinserts her stack in the container. Adds little cup, thinking she is finished,says “there we go” then spies another little cup. and adds in several different trials , and concludes.] “There we go.” ~3:00 Bob “Wow!”
Episode F:
at 3:00

Bob: I bet you’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?” Peg: Yeah.”
Bob: “Well, you should be; that’s pretty complicated.”
Peg: [empties the stacked cups onto the floor. Some stick together.] Bob: “Do you need help getting them apart?”
Peg: [pushes cups over to Bob; as he has a bit of trouble, one-handed.] Peg: “I do this.”
Bob: [ setting up cups.] “Well, you got ’em all.” Peg: “yep.” [P. sets all cups so open side is up.]
Episode G:
at 3:31

Bob: “Do you think you can figure out a way of putting these together without ever having to say No?”
Peg: [trying one cup in another; fail] “No.”
Peg: [inserting cups, in very good order.] Bob: Looks like you’re almost doing it.]
Peg: notices large cups not in her stack~3:55. She removes most of her stack from the container, picks up the large cup, and inserts her former container in it.] “No.” [appears to think she is near completion, then spots the omitted cup, removes her stack; blocked by former container; removes it and puts it in the omitted cup, replacing both in the big cup and re-inserts her stack in the new multi-cup container ~4:22.]
Peg: puts in last cup,.
Bob: “You did it again! Good for you!.” [introduces the Nesting Boxes Challenge at 4:31]

In this clip we begin to see Peg make use of the idea of order, just made salient with the Ring Tower rings, and use it to simplify her insertion procedures for meeting this challenge.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.