3V1043.01 Singing “offstage”: The Fox (11/30/80) I tried to get Peggy singing “The Fox went out on a chilly night” during P149 today. She refused. But this evening, alone in a chair in the living room while the rest of us were there but otherwise occupied, Peggy began reading/singing the story. She did fine at …

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3V1035.01 Constructive reading: Reading pictures and her own memories (11/22/80) Peggy’s crib is an unbelievable mess. There is hardly room for her with all the animals, covers, books in it. When put to bed before she’s sleepy, she will often read silently to herself. I have heard her, in the mornings, reading aloud. It is …

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3V1033.01 Holophrastic verbs: imitation of Peggy by Miriam as confirmation (11/20/80) Peggy imitates Miriam — sure enough — but the opposite is also true. Miriam has begun imitating Peggy’s single word descriptions…. single VERB descriptions. Peggy may pick up a cookie, say emphatically “eat” and pop it in her mouth. When reclaiming toys from the …

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3V1029.01 Graphics as names (11/16/80) Peggy sat on the floor, a large Richard Scary book opened to the title page which was decorated with the drawing of a large moose. The words, of course, were the title of the book. Peggy read it: “That say ‘moose’.”


3V1025.03 Commitment to her own knowledge: we only sleep when it’s dark (11/12/80) Peggy distinguishes between dark and not dark. She knows that we sleep when it is dark. (Or rather that it is dark when we go to bed for the night.) Of late, she has been after the dog, waking her up from …

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3V1025.02 Counting on her fingers (11/12/80) The other day I saw Peggy pointing to the fingers on one hand and counting one by one as she did so, “9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 19” (or perhaps the last two were “19, 16”.) Gretchen


3V1025.01 85 dollars (1/12/80) For several months Peggy has been coming out at random times with odd numbers. She will look at a supermarket tag and say with a decisive air “This costs 86 dollars.” to which my usual reply is “I hope not.” Gretchen.


3V1022.02 Appetite for Reading: (in text between two notes written up on 11/12) Back in May, Peggy began to request a Tintin in her crib at night. Sometimes she “read” it, but many times she just wanted to have it there before she would lie down and go to sleep. And of course, it would …

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3V1022.01 Like a birdie (2) (11/9/80) In P146 today, Peggy remarked ( ) that Daddy Long Legs could fly like a birdy… we should keep our eyes open for other uses of “like” and the specific contexts so that we can observe the development of her use of simile.


3V1015.01 Like a birdie: concrete inspiration of observation (11/2/80) Peggy came around the dining room table with a turtle bean-bag in her hand, moving it up and down, “Turtle flies like a birdy.” she said, and the turtle’s feet did flap like wings…. but when she turned it over, I saw a patch of the …

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3V1013.01 One to one correspondence (10/29/80) I found Peggy with the Train book, looking at a diagram of a locomotive. She was pointing to the numbers (denoting parts that were described below) and reciting random letters of the alphabet, one to each number: “B…E…K…D…” when I approached to see what she was doing, she pointed …

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3V1011.01 Jumping Jacks and Counting (10/27/80) Peggy sometimes goes to gymnastics make up classes with Miriam. She has seen the girls do jumping jacks and counting them. Whenever she feels full of energy, Peggy is as likely to break into jumping jacks as any other activity. Usually Peggy counts, but with the numbers 16 and …

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3V1010.02 Singing (10/26/80) Peggy’s favorite song is “The fox went out on a chilly night.” This is her first song, (in the sense of having parts well enough known for her to begin singing). Her original version interleaved two lines, “The fox went out on a chilly night” and “town-o, town-o…(repeated a variable number of …

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3V1010.01 Playing with coins: progressive discrimination (10/26/80) After P143 (where we played with many coins) Peggy found the pile of change and asked me to join her in playing with them on the floor. As we did so, Peggy separated them and said, “I’m picking the big pennies out and putting them on the floor.” …

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3V1006.02 One to one correspondence: words and things (very impt)(10/22/80) Gretchen was reading to Peggy from “The Big Book of Real Trains.” At the bottom of each page is a little picture reviewing each of the cars introduced in the previous pages, each having an engine at the head. As Gretchen read and turned the …

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3V1006.01 “When Mimi was my age, Christina was my age too” (10/22/80) I judge this an amazing statement for a child of Peggy’s age. Christina is a coeval of Miriam’s who rides to and from gymnastics in a car pool. Christina is of significantly slighter frame than Miriam. It is possible that Peggy imagined Christina …

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3V1004.02 Horse and Cash register as typewriter (10/20/80) Peggy has delighted in the rocking horse at the Hole in The Wall. Robby found and bought her one at a local tag sale. Peggy is ecstatic ! Miriam found her a cash register, battery operated. We cleaned up the corrosion, put in new batteries and “Voila!” …

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3V1004.01 Role Reversal: reading to others (10/20/80) Bringing some wood inside, I nearly tripped over Scurry at the porch door. Continuing on, I came close to Peggy also, who censured me “Don’t step on me, Daddy. Don’t step on Scurry. She’s a good kid, too.” Scurry is Peggy’s most accessible playmate (and the only controllable …

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3V1001.01 Letter names: beyond those important as people symbols (10/17/80) I gave Peggy the small coffee table for her use as a desk, put her puzzles there and a pile of paper from which she takes pieces to scribble on. She did so today. When first drawing, she would bring me her papers and ask …

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3V0996.01 Using incomprehensible numbers: “Eighty” (10/12/80) Miriam reported that Peggy was counting with such high numbers. I recall Miriam saying that Peggy said things like “85, 86” and so forth but have little confidence in that. See note of 10/27/80 on Counting Jumping Jacks.


3V0995.01 Excuses and implausible threats (10/11/80) Peggy begins now to more frequently offer excuses (as her siblings do all too often) and even makes threats. She sometimes neglects to empty her potty into the toilet after shitting. I urged her to do so today. as she sat on the floor, playing with a bare foot. …

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3V0981.02 Talking about places: complexity of Peggy’s interpretive situation (9/29/80) Miriam recorded this dialogue about Peggy’s new toy Bunny: Peggy: I got my Bunny at the book store. Miriam: No. You got it at the Hole in the Wall. Peggy: Where the book shop ? Miriam: Near the Hole in the Wall. Peggy: I thought …

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3V0981.01 Meta-linguistic knowledge: “I can’t read words” (9/29/80) Peggy clambered onto my bed where I lay reading — then got down to get a Tintin to read to me. She said, after propping it open and most unhappily, “I can’t read words.” I comforted her, “You have to learn how to do that sweety. It’s …

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3V0977.01 Reading words to Peggy: unintended instruction Peggy has been lately enjoying Richard Scary’s “Best Word Book Ever.” She brought it to me today and asked me to read her the words (in a general sense) “Read these words?” I read the title, etc. then began to read the labels accompanying objects on the cover. …

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3V0974.01 The Pig in the book: what does Peggy mean by what she says? (9/22/80) Peggy was playing with her “happy family” (her Fischer price dolls). I mentioned she had other animals besides the dogs. There was a chicken and, somewhere, a black pig. Peggy pointed to a Richard Scary book and asked, “Can I …

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3V0973.02 Letters and Counting (9/21/80) Peggy played with a puzzle, a square 4x with 15 movable slabs in it, each with a number on it from 1 to 15. I asked Peggy what she played with and, when she said it was a present from Robby, asked by pointing to the numbers, “What are those …

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3V0971.01 In my lap: repertoire of three character scripts (9/19/80) I have tried to dissuade Peggy from reading all the time. So more lately, she has climbed into my lap with friends, the small bear, the pink panther, “Aroot” her elephant, and the horse Miriam received when she was in the hospital. The animals have …

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3V0965.01 BANG and RING: extending word knowledge (9/13/80) Peggy can recognize these two words as distinct. She clambered onto my bed this evening, asking me to read her a Tintin story. We came, inter alia, across several “bangs” to which Peggy remarked, “That say, ‘BANG’.” As we read on, we came to a picture of …

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3V0961.01 An old joke, naturally arising – the “wrong feet”: (9/9/80) Peggy was putting on her shoes for herself. As she began to put one on, I said, “Peggy, you’re putting your shoes on the wrong feet.” She came back with the classic remark, “These are my feet.”


3V0956.01 Meaning more than she can say (9/4/80) This note documents an incident more remarkable for what Peggy failed to say that for what she did say: While I was off in Boston, Miriam had been sitting in my arm chair (one from which I shoo the children whenever I want to sit there.) It …

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3V0960.01 Tracing letters (8/29/80) Peggy’s set of magnetic letters comes with cards for inserting them into to spell the names of pictured objects. Peggy has been using them differently, as I first saw her doing while she played with Miriam. Peggy traces/scribbles inside the letter outlines of the card. I asked what she was doing. …

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3V0949.02 five page-long list of books read to Peg in March: should be inserted at 3/4 date Date Reader Action Book 3/4 Miriam read Little Black, a pony 3/4 Miriam look Know Your Scotch Terrier 3/4 Gretchen read Little Black 3/4 Gretchen look Know your Scotch Terrier 3/5 Gretchen read Winnie the Pooh (half story …

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3V0949.01 Roles involving three people: (correcting me about Gretchen) (8/28/80) I no longer recall the detail of this incident. What is important is development of the role-expansion theme from two to three characters. Note that Peggy only has trouble with the third person possessive pronouns (and adjective also). She has trouble — as will be …

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3V0944.01 Blue Moon: Color names: for Peggy “blue” means white, color of eye- ball (8/23/80) A month ago I put the MG on insurance and began driving down town in it. Feeling I spend too little time with Peggy, I’ve been going out of my way to do so. A favorite after supper activity has …

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3V0942.02 Counting letters: social context of alphabet learning (8/21/80) So Peggy names her playing with them — and she frequently asks some one to do that with her. She apparently has in mind companionship alone and precious little else. Since the only thing she does with letters are: 1. identify individuals; 2. scatter them around; …

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3V0942.01 If “P” means Peggy, what is “eggy” ? (8/21/80) Peggy has been writing a lot lately. She frequently asks me to write “Peggy Lawler” on the pages before she does anything else. It has been my custom to write “PEGGY” at the top and “LAWLER” in the middle. She has come to accept that …

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3V0941.01 “I taller him”: words and intonations (8/20/80) Peggy plays with the Fisher Price dolls, directing them and speaking for them. Peggy used the comparative appropriately in speaking for “Daddy” but more than that as well. She put on a very deep gruff voice — of the same sort she uses to boss about the …

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3V0940.02 Left and right: convincing discrimination (8/19/80; 8/28/80) 8/28: Bob: Gretchen reports that a few days ago, Peggy came to her crying. When asked what was wrong, Peggy answered, “I hurt my left leg.” When Gretchen asked her to show Mommy the hurt place, Peggy pointed to her left leg. A short time ago, Peggy …

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3V0940.01 GSB : letters as symbols for people: “This say Mommy, Scurry, Daddy” ( 8/19/80) We have a key ring about the house from the Guilford Savings Bank. Peggy brought it to me today and explained to me, “This says Mommy, Scurry, Daddy.” She has been told that this first letter begins the name Gretchen, …

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3V0938.01 My-best-friend: early phrases as unstructured idioms; early variations: (8/17/80) How many words is this utterance ? How fluid or viscous are the relations of parts and the whole ? Playing down at Jacob’s Beach, Peggy used this phrase to refer to ANY child she met there of her size. (She has originally used it …

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3V0932.01 Reading aloud to herself: characterization; French also (8/11/80) Peggy has often read aloud to herself, does not feel self-conscious about doing so (But is reluctant to read to ME as witness on P134). Her reading procedure seems to call upon two sources of information. The main (at least dominant) one is the picture accompanying …

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3V0931.01 Generalization; logical thinking accidentally wrong: pennies and quarters. (8/10/80) Peggy came running around the table. “Somebody left these pennies and quarters on the table,” she exclaimed as she handed them to me. There were two pennies and, folded up, two dollar bills. So Peggy knows two coin names and knows that both coins and …

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3V0929.01 Language Rules used to construct new forms (8/8+/80) Peggy is clearly constructing verbal forms by rules. Two sorts are now witnessed: verb tense (past – even if her use be aspectual) and pluralization rules. Spontaneously, she produced BREAKED (8/8). BOOKSES (8/9), GORILLASES (8/13), and DUCKSES (8/13).


3V0924.02 Watching Videotapes: single letters as name symbols (8/3/80) Last night Gretchen and I reviewed four videotapes (weeks 26, 52, 78, and 104). Peggy was in and out during this two hours of viewing (she was alternately watching an hour long Disney show on the basement TV). One question of interest to me was what …

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3V0918.02 Self-classification: “I daughter.” (7/28/80) Peggy confided to me thus that she was a daughter, sitting in my lap. Over the next few days, she refined that self classification. Mimi is the big daughter. Peggy is my little daughter.


3V0916.01 Commitment to an interpretation: [go pick the lady grass.](7/26/80) Miriam has been given the job of picking grass out of the driveway and she resists it mightily. I recently scolded her and told her to go pick out every blade of grass at the turn (the grass had slowed drainage and caused some flooding). …

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3V0914.01 Pouring: example of an action looking for objects (7/24/80) Peggy has been fascinated with pouring for weeks, or even months. Sometimes she will ask for some juice just to be able to pour it back and forth. She likes to use my dining chair as a word bench for this and I frequently find …

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3V0910.01 Color names again — properly typed but idiosyncratically applied (7/20/80) It’s absolutely clear that Peggy knows a number of color names and knows that they apply to some quality of an object. To me, it appears as though she uses color names correctly, in re. parts of speech, etc. but that she has not …

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3V0908.01 A swimming pool: caution at first encounter(7/18/80) We visited this day my cousin’s house in Cherry Hill. Her son, Matthew, a week older than Peggy, nearly drowned in their swimming pool about a week before our visit. We were all very sensitive to the event. Peggy had never seen a swimming pool before and …

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3V0899.01 Toilet training: a first success (7/9/80) Peggy had a wet diaper and asked me to take it off. “Take off diaper… don’t hug me…take this off…. I have to do something.” She took her little toilet, set it in the middle of the room, pissed in it, and emptied the pot into the regular …

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