LC0aR6: A Paper Inspired by Seymour Papertfor the Online Journal, Learning Landscapes The paper was published on July 15, 2013. Lawler, Robert. (2013). Getting Intelligence into the Minds of People LEARNing Landscapes. Advance online publication.


LC3cA35 The Genesis of Symbolic Thought Learning, in General Let us begin by going beyond a “stimulus-response” couple to a stimulus-response arc. That “arc,” represented as a link between input and output (more generally stimulus — which may be entirely interior — and response — which may be entirely interior) is the site for attachment …

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LC1bT20 Protocol 20 Included Text Pages Included Materials None


LC1bT17 Protocol 17 Included Text Pages Included Materials


LC1bT16 Protocol 16 Included Text Pages Included Materials


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LC1bT13 Protocol 13 Included Text Pages (7) Included Materials (6) Figure 1 Addendum 1 Addendum 2 Addendum 3 Addendum 4 Addendum 5


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LC1bT09 Protocol 9 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (5)


LC1bT07 Protocol 7 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (2)


LC1bT06 Protocol 6 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (2)

LC1b Text

LC1b Text Comments: Source materials This material consists of 21 protocols, primarily transcripts from audio recordings, some of which have been absorbed directly into the chapter “Sketches of Natural Learning,” and others used in “The Development of Objectives.” Some are in character more like the Vignettes of The Intimate Study, which derived from them. All …

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Vn029.01 Making Puzzles 6/18/77


Vignette 30.1 temporary upload Original Fair Copy, Scanned page 1 Original Fair Copy, Scanned page 2


Vn133.1 4/28/78-5/8 & 31/78 4/28 The calorie counting continues for me, and the adding for Miriam. The sum of Addendum 133 – 1 is interesting because of its error: the left justification of 3 and 4 digit addends in the same vertical grid. Despite this mal-arrangement, with its implication that the place-value basis of column …

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Vn132.1 BIG-SUMS Extension 4/21 & 22/78 4/21 “Oog. I’ve got to add all these big numbers.” So I called to Miriam’s attention a situation in which one could make use of the kinds of skills she had developed in adding multi-digit addends: I was summing the number of calories in my day’s diet. Miriam asked …

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Vn131.1 Miriam’s 7th Birthday 4/8 & 9/78 4/8/ Miriam began planning her birthday party several weeks ago. On the 3 x 5 cards of Addendum 131 – 1, she listed the friends to bo invited, the candy, and her selection of party games. The children were all from her class at school. The games are …

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Vn130.1 4/3 & 10, 11/78 4/3 Miriam noticed a sum in Home Session 7 as I worked on a paper and asked if she could do it. When I wrote the sum on the black board, Miriam added right to left with carries, thus: 1 3 7 4 1 + 2 5 3 0 _____________________ …

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Vn129.1 Robby Computes a Tax 4/5/78 Robby caught on fire again today. He approached me inquiring, “How much is half of 423?” Miriam responded to his question from the other room, “2 hundred and 11 and a half.” I told her to stop butting in and asked Robby how much was half of 400, then …

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Vn128.1 Robby’s Topological Game 4/2/78 About a month ago, Robby was shown a paper-cutting game by a classmate’s parent. The procedure to follow was this: 1. Cut two paper strips of equal length (8″ will do) 2. Draw a line down the middle of each (using lined paper makes this unnecessary) 3. Bend each strip …

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Vn127.1 Moo Shu 3/19/78 There is an old joke of this simple script: Adult Do you know how to read Chinese? Child I don’t know. I’ve never tried. At lunch today I described to Miriam my lunch of yesterday at a Chinese restaurant — showing her then the take-out menu. As we looked at the …

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Vn123.1 Computation Finale 2/12 & 14/78 2/12 Since completing Vignette 121 (Double Perspectives) I have tried to engage Miriam in executing a difficult addition. My purpose was to introduce the idea of a simultaneous, double perspective as what one needs to appreciate carries by challenging her with a puzzle — “What number is 10 when …

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Vn122.1 Carrying Bugs 2/5/78 Invited to play at a friend’s house, Miriam waited for Gretchen to drive her there. During this vacuum of activity, I asked her if she remembered how to add with carries (cf. Home Session 23). Miriam reacted impatiently, as though it were foregone that she did. She agreed to solve a …

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Vn121.1 Double Perspectives 2/8/78 While school has been canceled this week due to the Blizzard of ’78, the children have spent a lot of time outside, playing on the snow mountains the plows and people have piled up. Inside much of the time, they have followed their own inclinations, playing the card game War, reading …

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Vn120.1 Designing a Box 1/26/78 Miriam approached me holding up a flat, cross-shaped piece of card- board about 13 inches long, marked as below, with this challenge: “Daddy, you’ll never guess what this is.” I gambled: “An airplane?” “No,” Miriam chuckled, “it’s a box, for a Valentine’s day present for you and Mommy.” Miriam showed …

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Vn110.1 Tic TacToe 10/30/77 & 11/12/77 10/30 When Robby and Miriam agreed to play tic-tac-toe together (intending to use Miriam’s ‘magic slate’ which would have left no record of their play), I suggested they play on the chalkboard in the reading alcove. Miriam was granted first move (letters). Game 1 | D | 2 3 …

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Vn109.1 Tic Tac Toe 10/4/77 These 5 games are revealing of Miriam’s knowledge and ignorance both. Game 2 reveals more of my failings than I am happy to admit, but its contrast with game 3 permits a central revelation of her thinking about tic-tac-toe. These two together show by how much good fortune (when it …

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Vn108.1 Miriam Doesn’t Stop 11/1/77 I have ceased collecting data for this project, have focused my attention on the data reduction problem, but Miriam keeps growing, making breakthrough after breakthrough. This afternoon, for example, I sat transcribing videotapes in the reading alcove. Miriam, waiting in place the ten minutes till Sesame Street should appear on …

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Vn101.1 The Death of Robin Hood 9/29/77 “Did Robin Hood really die in the charge of the Light Brigade?” This peculiar question of Miriam’s, rising from no external cue that I noticed, recurrently perplexes me. Its background is this. Months ago, Robby, Miriam, and I watched the movie “Robin Hood” wherein Errol Flynn performed at …

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Vn99.1 Puns 9/26/77 At a recent visit to the library, Robby borrowed two books which both he andMiriam have read and re-read since then (cf. Vignettes 84 and 94). The first book is one of Knock-knock jokes, the second is one of riddles. I believe this second book broadened Miriam’s view of making jokes and …

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Vn97.1 Retrospective: Logo Conference 10/1/77 The week of IJCAI, August 22-26, concluding as it did for some of us with attendance at the Logo conference, was an especially busy one for me. I can see now this was the point at which I lost control of processing the data of the project “on line” (keeping …

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Vn96.1 Tic Tac Toe 9/19/77 After the final arithmetic session of this date, Miriam wanted to play some tic-tac-toe. (Her purpose was to get the material over with so she could have a friend come play with her on the morrow; her assumption that such was necessary was an error.) These games began with a …

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Vn94.1 Miscellany 9/dd/17 At lunch today a variety of topics came up for discussion. Miriam said she would like to bring her friends over to visit Logo. I thought of previous visits. “You mean something like the earlier visits of Meg and Dara?” Miriam added, “I want Michelle and Laurie Ann and Elizabeth.” I asked …

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Vn92.1 Company for Dinner 9/14/77 This has been a week for company at our house. Fernando Curado and José Valente first, then Bertrand Schwartz and Antoinette together with Laurie Miller, and this evening Seymour and the Minskys. My intention in asking Marvin and Gloria here at this time was to provide a sense of setting …

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Vn91.1 Squirming and Thinking 9/14/77 Miriam had a very bad night last night; she had missed a dose of medicine and played with kittens. Miriam and I were up much of the night. Still wheezing badly this morning (she had reached the point where she could not hold down any orally-administered medicine), she went with …

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Vn89.1 The Ten in Fourteen 9/7-10/77 9/7 After considerable confusion at the beginning of yesterday’s arith- metic work (Home Session 18, 9/6/77), in a reprise after games of Tic Tac Toe, I was able to explain ‘carrying’ to Miriam in a manner access- ible to her. I cited a recent comment of hers while doing …

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Vn88.1 9/8/77 Over the past few weeks, Miriam has spoken, in the context of repressing her desire for things she can’t have, of having “an eraser mind.” When asked to explain what she meant, Miriam conveyed the image of ideas written on a tablet and subject to erasure. As supper drew to a close this …

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Vn84.1 Go Cart Demon; Knock-Knock Jokes 9/5/77 The third-floor tenant in our landlord’s mansion was moving out today. Robby and Miriam went to help. One comment of Miriam’s came floating up from the court yard. When she chanced upon a collection of records brought down in a wooden case, Miriam said, “Hey, Robby, let’s ask …

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Vn82.1 Hanging Designs 9/3/77 After today’s session was complete, I asked Miriam why she had not pinned on the wall — as she had said she intended — those designs made in yesterday’s session (Logo 58, 9/2/77). She explained that she had started to do so earlier but needed help. I separated the designs from …

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Vn79.1 Sums Over a Hundred 8/29/77-9/1/77 8/29 While we sat at lunch today, Miriam introduced the topic of adding with this claim: “Daddy, if you live for another hundred years, I know how old you’ll be.” When I expressed surprise Miriam demonstrated: “A hundred 37.” Two complications derailed this discussion. Robby introduced my birth on …

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Vn77.1 A Geometric Puzzle 8/29 & 31/77 8/29 Since Miriam’s completion of our work with picture puzzles (cf. Logo Session 40, 8/1/77), it has been my intention to examine her performance with geometric puzzles. In the past, she has played with a puzzle, the Pythagorean puzzle, which I had made from wood. The Pythagorean puzzle …

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Vn72.1 Tic Tac Toe with Robby 8/25/77 Having seen Miriam play tic-tac-toe with me and feeling a little left out, Robby asked to play with me after Miriam went to bed. Game 1: Robby moves first (numbers) 2 | C | 4 5 | 1 | D A | 3 | B Robby originally made …

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Vn71.1 Tic Tac Toe (7) 8/25/77 This material provides Miriam with an opportunity to exhibit what she retained of instruction in the previous tic-tac-toe session (cf. vignette 61, 8/10/77). Where Miriam fails to elect a winning strategy (game 3), I subsequently demonstrate how she should have played, then provide the opportunity for her to turn …

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Vn66.1 Pre-History 8/16/77 For some unknown reason (“I just wondered,” she says), Miriam asked me who was the first person to sail around the world. Remembering the Straits of Magellan and that it must have been the major obstacle to the western passage, I speculated that Magellan must have been the man. Gretchen, drawing on …

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Vn64.1 Jumping Rope 8/13/77 Miriam began jumping rope after we moved to Massachusetts. Earlier she had played a game ‘Angels/Devils’, a group rope jumping game in which a child in the center of a ring turns, saying alternately ‘angels devils angels devils. . .’ until one of the children in the peripheral ring fails to …

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Vn63.1 Another Birthday Party 8/12/77 This was a party for Robby’s Boston friends, boys he has met while at school here. With respect to planning, this party was pretty much a rerun of the party in Guilford (cf. Vignette 53). The party favors were the same: Hershey bars, bubble gum, and balloons. Match box racers …

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Vn61.1 Tic Tac Toe (5) 8/10/77 This material shows Miriam accepting instruction at corner opening play through a process of “turning the tables” on me after my exemplary victory. (The data were transcribed as Home Session 15.) A corner opening in tic-tac-toe is the strategy of choice, since its use nearly guarantees victory for the …

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