Vn029.01 Making Puzzles 6/18/77


Vn89.1 The Ten in Fourteen 9/7-10/77 9/7 After considerable confusion at the beginning of yesterday’s arith- metic work (Home Session 18, 9/6/77), in a reprise after games of Tic Tac Toe, I was able to explain ‘carrying’ to Miriam in a manner access- ible to her. I cited a recent comment of hers while doing …

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Vn61.1 Tic Tac Toe (5) 8/10/77 This material shows Miriam accepting instruction at corner opening play through a process of “turning the tables” on me after my exemplary victory. (The data were transcribed as Home Session 15.) A corner opening in tic-tac-toe is the strategy of choice, since its use nearly guarantees victory for the …

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Vn024.01 Writing Stories Robby called me from Miriam’s bedroom: “Dad, come see the puppet show.” They have played with, even made, hand puppets for a while and enjoy giving shows — whose typical script has been, “Hello, my name is Owl. Goodbye.” I was in high spirits after a very successful arithmetic session with Miriam …

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Vignette 23.1 Arithmetic Ripples 6/5 & 11/77 Miriam does not yet recognize the existence of negative numbers. The typical problem this causes her was shown as we rode home from buying a Sunday paper (the children go with me to buy chewing gum). Miriam was discussing making change with Robby. She knew that paying for …

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Vn01703 Arithmetic Ripples 6/1/77 Miriam was playing in the kitchen with Scurry this morning. Gretchen and I were discussing some topic, and I mentioned a division problem. Miriam piped up, “I can divide, Daddy. . . . 8 divided by 8 is 1.” I congratulated her on her prowess. For Miriam the formula she recited …

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Vn017A Arithmetic Ripples 5/28/77 After the session in which I introduced Miriam to adding large numbers (see Home Session 4, 5/28), passing Miriam’s room I noticed in her open loose-leaf book a page of computation. Miriam later gave it to me and I include it as Addendum 17 – 1. Note that the written form …

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