3V0492.01 New Car Seat Opens up Peggy’s World (5/29/79) Ever since the children got some real bargains at a tag sale last summer, they have been followers of local tag sales. They take whatever cash they can scrape up and spend it all, giving away their loot in case they can not imagine a use …

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LC1bT21 Protocol 21 Included Text Pages (8) Included Materials (3)


LC1bT20 Protocol 20 Included Text Pages Included Materials None


LC1bT19 Protocol 19 Included Text Pages (7) Included Materials (2) Addendum 19-A1 Addendum 19-A2


LC1bT18 Protocol 18 Included Text Pages Included Materials 2 pages


LC1bT17 Protocol 17 Included Text Pages Included Materials


LC1bT16 Protocol 16 Included Text Pages Included Materials


LC1bT15 Protocol 15 Included Text Pages Included Materials None


LC1bT14 Protocol 14 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials None.


LC1bT13 Protocol 13 Included Text Pages (7) Included Materials (6) Figure 1 Addendum 1 Addendum 2 Addendum 3 Addendum 4 Addendum 5


LC1bT12 Protocol 12 Included Text Pages Included Materials None


LC1bT11 Protocol 11 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials None


LC1bT10 Protocol 10 Included Text Pages Included Materials None


LC1bT09 Protocol 9 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (5)


LC1bT08 Protocol 8 Included Text Pages Included Materials


LC1bT07 Protocol 7 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (2)


LC1bT06 Protocol 6 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (2)


LC1bT05 Protocol 5 Drawing a Fox (cf. discussion in Development of Objectives) n.b. hand-written date at top of first page in error by 2 years. Included Text Pages


LC1bT04 Protocol 4 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (3)


LC1bT03 Protocol 3 Included Text Pages Included Materials


LC1bT02 Protocol 2 Included Text Pages (2) Discussion Protocol 2.1 Included Materials (3)


LC1bT01 Protocol 1 Included Text Pages(14) Included Materials(8) Addendum 1 Addendum 2, BGB, BigBuilding Terminal Log Pages (6)

LC1b Text

LC1b Text Comments: Source materials This material consists of 21 protocols, primarily transcripts from audio recordings, some of which have been absorbed directly into the chapter “Sketches of Natural Learning,” and others used in “The Development of Objectives.” Some are in character more like the Vignettes of The Intimate Study, which derived from them. All …

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Vn106.1 Tic Tac Toe and Nim 10/22/77 Relevance Miriam’s Tic Tac Toe play shows an opening game played only with Glenn before and some surprising rigidity. When we play a subtraction arithmetic form of Nim, Miriam adduces “going second” as the efficient cause of her winning game 2. This appears to be as a consequence …

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Vn107.1 Self-Understanding 10/22/77 My cousin’s wedding has been a day of reconciliations, of growing closer to family from whom I had been long and much estranged. After a late breakfast, we attended the wedding. I felt proud of Robby later when he told me the nicest part of the wedding was a piano-organ duet (‘Jesu, …

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Vn86.1 An Unexpected Test 9/8/77 Today, the children’s first day of school, was a tough one for me. The combination of a late arrival at Logo and logistics problems put our work under an unusual time pressure. Miriam was tired (and later said she wished she had taken a nap) and didn’t pursue with enthusiasm …

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Vn131.1 Miriam’s 7th Birthday 4/8 & 9/78 4/8/ Miriam began planning her birthday party several weeks ago. On the 3 x 5 cards of Addendum 131 – 1, she listed the friends to bo invited, the candy, and her selection of party games. The children were all from her class at school. The games are …

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Vn129.1 Robby Computes a Tax 4/5/78 Robby caught on fire again today. He approached me inquiring, “How much is half of 423?” Miriam responded to his question from the other room, “2 hundred and 11 and a half.” I told her to stop butting in and asked Robby how much was half of 400, then …

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Vn128.1 Robby’s Topological Game 4/2/78 About a month ago, Robby was shown a paper-cutting game by a classmate’s parent. The procedure to follow was this: 1. Cut two paper strips of equal length (8″ will do) 2. Draw a line down the middle of each (using lined paper makes this unnecessary) 3. Bend each strip …

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Vn124.1 Analogical Guidance 2/23/78 This evening at dinner, my family enjoyed a good time at the expense of Scurry, our Scotch terrier. Earlier in the day, Miriam had played tug with Scurry, the object of their contention a squeaking toy mouse she had given the dog. Scurry wrested the toy from Miriam and sat chew- …

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Vn123.1 Computation Finale 2/12 & 14/78 2/12 Since completing Vignette 121 (Double Perspectives) I have tried to engage Miriam in executing a difficult addition. My purpose was to introduce the idea of a simultaneous, double perspective as what one needs to appreciate carries by challenging her with a puzzle — “What number is 10 when …

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Vn121.1 Double Perspectives 2/8/78 While school has been canceled this week due to the Blizzard of ’78, the children have spent a lot of time outside, playing on the snow mountains the plows and people have piled up. Inside much of the time, they have followed their own inclinations, playing the card game War, reading …

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Vn119.1 Multiplying by Twenty 1/25/78 The children love to get mail and when an envelope comes addressed to them, to open it. Each has a bank account concerning which they receive annual earnings statements. The children opened their mail and puzzled over the contents — a statement of account number, social security number, and interest …

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Vn118.1 Introducing Peggy 1/26/78 The calculated arrival date for Peggy, our new daughter, was January 24th. Gretchen, because of her past experience with Robby and Miriam who were both late, did not expect the birth until the very end of January. This expectation was a source of some comfort over the past weekend (Jan. 20-22) …

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Vn113.1 Steady State 12/8/77 A few nights ago, Miriam approached me: “Dad, why do we have to spend 6 hours in school every day?” “Why do you ask?” I countered. Miriam continued, “It sure is a long time.” When I first asked what was the problem, the answer came back that the work was too …

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Vn112.1 How Her Teacher Sees Miriam 12/7/77 Miriam’s teacher, Sue, sees her as a special child in several ways. Her surprise at Miriam’s easy solution of class inclusion problems (cf. Vignette 90, Meeting Miriam’s Teacher) shows she had reason outside of anything I told her in our first meeting. She learned of Miriam’s continuing work …

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Vn111.1 Swears 11/30/77 A few days ago I sat at a terminal with Miriam at the Children’s Learning Lab. In response to the “login” request, Miriam typed “FUCK” then turned to me and said, “Look, Daddy, I typed a swear.” I responded non-committally, “Oh yeah. Why don’t you hit new line and see if it …

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Vn110.1 Tic TacToe 10/30/77 & 11/12/77 10/30 When Robby and Miriam agreed to play tic-tac-toe together (intending to use Miriam’s ‘magic slate’ which would have left no record of their play), I suggested they play on the chalkboard in the reading alcove. Miriam was granted first move (letters). Game 1 | D | 2 3 …

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Vn105.1 Hotel Magee; Two Microworlds; Decadal Computation 10/20 & 27/77 10/20 With Robby’s introduction of WUMPUS to Miriam yesterday, the mechanically recorded sessions at Logo cease. Vignettes continue to round out and close off at natural stops various themes of the project. The sense of closing off the mechanical recording is that the project has …

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Vn103.1 Reprise 10/15/77 As we have attempted reducing Miriam’s cortisone dosage, she has again begun wheezing severely. Her problem was especially unfortunate today, for she had asked a friend to come visit. Lizzie is an energetic red-haired colleen of 6. At lunch she disclosed to Miriam and Robby all the problems they could expect with …

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Vn102.1 The Last Day 10/8/77 Both children and I had planned to spend another Saturday afternoon at the movies. For the past three weeks, we have spent our Saturdays watching Marx brothers movies (cf. Vignette 93). These last two weeks we have seen A Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races; Animal …

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Vn101.1 The Death of Robin Hood 9/29/77 “Did Robin Hood really die in the charge of the Light Brigade?” This peculiar question of Miriam’s, rising from no external cue that I noticed, recurrently perplexes me. Its background is this. Months ago, Robby, Miriam, and I watched the movie “Robin Hood” wherein Errol Flynn performed at …

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Vn100.1 Arithmetic Ripples 9/26/77-10/2&7/77 9/26 Miriam tells me today was her first day of doing math at school. “But we did it differently there from what we [she and I] did here.” She explained that school math was playing with cuisiniere rods. I told her I thought that was great, and asked what she did …

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Vn99.1 Puns 9/26/77 At a recent visit to the library, Robby borrowed two books which both he andMiriam have read and re-read since then (cf. Vignettes 84 and 94). The first book is one of Knock-knock jokes, the second is one of riddles. I believe this second book broadened Miriam’s view of making jokes and …

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Vn97.1 Retrospective: Logo Conference 10/1/77 The week of IJCAI, August 22-26, concluding as it did for some of us with attendance at the Logo conference, was an especially busy one for me. I can see now this was the point at which I lost control of processing the data of the project “on line” (keeping …

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Vn95.1 Why the Project is Ending Now 9/18 & 27/77 9/18 Miriam has expressed her desire to do the same work as her class- mates, her preference for doing the whatever ‘math’ they will do at school to learning the kind of math we do together. I take this prefer- ence as a strong commitment …

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Vn94.1 Miscellany 9/dd/17 At lunch today a variety of topics came up for discussion. Miriam said she would like to bring her friends over to visit Logo. I thought of previous visits. “You mean something like the earlier visits of Meg and Dara?” Miriam added, “I want Michelle and Laurie Ann and Elizabeth.” I asked …

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Vn93.1 Marx Brothers 9/17/77 About a week or two ago, a radio program I sometimes listen to was displaced by a series of recordings played in memory of the then just dead Groucho Marx. I had to explain this to Robby and Miriam, explain that the funny little man they had seen on TV in …

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Vn92.1 Company for Dinner 9/14/77 This has been a week for company at our house. Fernando Curado and José Valente first, then Bertrand Schwartz and Antoinette together with Laurie Miller, and this evening Seymour and the Minskys. My intention in asking Marvin and Gloria here at this time was to provide a sense of setting …

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Vn89.1 The Ten in Fourteen 9/7-10/77 9/7 After considerable confusion at the beginning of yesterday’s arith- metic work (Home Session 18, 9/6/77), in a reprise after games of Tic Tac Toe, I was able to explain ‘carrying’ to Miriam in a manner access- ible to her. I cited a recent comment of hers while doing …

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