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3V113601 Imperfectly articulated script: [Which hand ? This one ?] (3/3/81)

‘Which hand ?’ This question is one Peggy meets when she asks Robby or Miriam for something she knows they have (usually candy). Today, she came running up to my chair at the table and asked, ‘Which hand is the Rubic’s cube in ? This one ?’ — holding the cube high above her head (as she brought it out from behind her back) with a great big smile.
This is another example of another imperfectly articulated script.


3V1139.01 Advance in articulation: [Which hands is it now ?] (3/6/81)

Peggy came running up to me and asked me ‘Which hand is it in now ?’ She continued immediately, ‘This one ?’ (Pointing to her right hand with her left). This question and gestures is a significant advance over that of 3/3/81 because she keeps the object (her bear in this incident) hidden behind her back.
I have no further information about how the advance was made.