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3V119102 Cutting up a Tree: an old joke (4/27/81)

Robby and I were hauling hickory back from the site where I recently felled a tree. When Peggy came to watch us, I introduced her to a joke, a simple absurdity of the language. She knows one cuts down a tree (she has seen this twice this year). she knows one cuts up fruit and knows how up and down signify direction and can compound with other words. She has also seen the pieces on the ground where I felled the tree (Indeed, she watched with Gretchen while I sawed it up). So it was not too surprising to see her consternation when I pulled these things together and said to her, “Peggy, you see how hard Robby and I work ? Sometimes it seems silly, though. I work so hard to cut the tree down, then I cut it up again.” when her consternation hinted the absurd image had struck her, I explained it was a joke.

A few days later, she mentioned trees, saying, “You cut them down, and then you cut them up,” accompanying the last with both a smile and a gesture of the hand going from horizontal to vertical.


3V119901 Bizarre reason (5/5/81)

Peggy often asks which shoe goes on which foot. Today I saw her putting her sandal on the correct foot and asked how she picked THAT foot. Peggy answered, “‘Cause it was the funny one.”

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3V1233.01 Peggy’s first Word World: a summary description (6/8/81)

SUN (base color) (via UPx N) (help with WALK/SLOWERx2)
GIRL (base color) (Via DOWN x N=4 (started at road)
CAR (help with GREEN) (help with MOVE) (via DOWN x 5) (help with WALK/ FAST)
DOG (base color) (help with MOVE) (via DOWN x 1)
HOUSE (help with WALK/HALT) (via DOWN x 1) (base color)
VAN (help with BLUE) (via DOWN x 6) (help with WALK/TURN)
TRUCK (help with GREEN) (via DOWN?) (FAST & FASTER)
PLANE (help with RED) (via FLY)
JET (base color) (via FLY) (help with FASTER)
BIRD (help with RED) (via FLY)
OAK (help with MOVE)
novel: Peggy introduced ZOOM; I taught it to Logo as FAST and FASTER
MAN (help with WALK)

Later in the evening, after SHE crashed the system and I brought it up) Peggy began making a new world. First a house, then (with some interventions on my part) a PINE. AS I did other things, Peggy kept asking for help. The slogan that evolved in this situation was “Look at the word. The word tells you what letters to type.” this bizarre slogan represents a completely new definition of what a word IS.


3V1247.02 Past tense and conditionals (6/22/81)

For the past month or so, Peggy has been forming past tenses in the typical non-standard way — ie. RUN, RUNNED. (I will have to see if I can get her to discuss this in the next session, P181 now) — to get at the question raised by Seigler of the transformation from chaotic to “rule-governed” behavior.)
Further, Peggy seems to be using conditionals with understanding.


3V1252.01 Pure Conditionals (6/27/81)

Last observation was not accurate or complete. This becomes clear from a very surprising thing Peggy said as she and I had breakfast this morning (actually, I believe she finished first, then returned to the table): “Dad, if I want some orange juice?” I looked at her and asked, “What was that ?” She answered, “If I want some orange juice.” “Do you want me to get you some orange juice?” “No,” she replied, “I said IF.”

From this interchange, it is clear that Peggy appreciates the limiting aspect of using IF but also that she does not recognize its incompleteness.


3V1267.01 Computer-based cuisenaire rods (7/12/81)

Peggy enjoyed playing with the Cuisenaire rods during out experiment P181. Either in that one or the next P182, Peggy first accomplished a set of “stairs.”

After the end of the experiment, she continued playing with rods and I heard her mention (at a point where she omitted the 3-length green rod from a series) “Oops. I left out the poor little green one.” After knocking them over and restarting, she went on to omit the 4-length and said something similar – perhaps “left out the purple-y”


3V1275.01 Computer “rods” (7/20/81)

Seeing the trouble she had with the rods always falling over, I asked is a Rods microworld would be easier to manipulate and thus intellectually more accessible to her. So I proceeded to make one, substituting (a later idea) the blinking of numbers in place of partial blanks — that is the active rod is so indicated by its number name flashing at the center (end unit) of rotation.

After introducing this system (P182) later the same day, Peggy;s spontaneously adopted the objective of building a set of stairs on the table and achieved that objective. Since then, she has usually made such a construct whenever she plays with it.

This is not entirely true — for Peggy has used the active rod (usually the white one) driving it over the other rods to make them disappear. I left this feature in the system as a child-correctable bug — ie when a rod has holes in it, it can be repaired by rekeying it’s number name. when I saw Peggy had made all the rods disappear, I asked her where they were. Miriam responded that Peggy had made the white one “eat” them . I don’t know if the idea and word were Miriam’s or Peggy’s.


3V1286.01 Singing: a mnemonic method for Peggy; her catalog (1/31/81)

This is a very important method of recalling, perhaps even thinking, for Peggy. Let’s try to list her songs:
The FOX – her oldest favorite; well known lines and jungles
The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly (Burl Ives movie sound track)
New York, New York (She thinks it’s about a car)
ABCD (She sings it imperfectly; Robby and Miriam help her out).
Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be [Johnny gets confused with him of “The Fox”]
Made up songs