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3V1322.01 Making up Names: frequent activity of uncertain import (9/5/81)

Peggy has been making up many names (the context escapes me now, but I imagine those names as applied to her toys), examples are “pooski” and “poo-me-yeh.” I noted this on the chalkboard not because I could make anything of it, but because she did [it] a lot, from which I infer it represented something important to her.


3V1328.01 Peggy’s First Day at School (9/11/81)

Robby and Miriam both enjoyed the North Guilford Nursery School, so it seemed natural that we should enroll Peggy there too. This first day was a pleasant one — a short family visit. Gretchen, Rob, Miriam, Kate and me all came along. Peg had a good time playing with the toys.

– late observation: Gretchen car pooled with a Mrs. Baker whose son Jonathan was much opposed to nursery school. The seat belts she asked us to use for safety’s sake also helped keep him in the car until she got the door closed on him. Peggy has been less interested in school and enjoyed it less that the older children. (This is true, even to the extent of her malingering and our considering withdrawing her from school.) Early in the term, Rob and Miriam got permission from the school — and from us — to accompany Peggy. They both had a good time playing with the younger children and went there nearly every trip. When the teacher asked they visit less frequently, Peggy turned off on the school. She is disinclined to go unless one of them goes with her.


3V1332.01 More Singing: “ahem, ahem” (9/15/81)

Peggy singing: “Ahem, ahem” something like
“My mother’s gone to church…. She told me not to play with you or let you eat my margarine.”

the verse goes something like this:
ahem, ahem, me mother has gone to church.
She told me not to play with you because you’re in the dirt.
It isn’t because you’re dirty. It isn’t because you’re clean.
It’s because you are a protestant and eat margarine.
(recalling a Tommy Maken recording, RWL, 120806)


3V134001 Concrete situation and recalling lyrics from “The Jug of Punch” (9/23/81)

Peggy having applesauce. She remarked “Let’s see…I have my spoon and bowl… As I was sitting with my spoon and bowl, I heard a small bird singing in a naval berth [?] and he sang the Jug of Punch.” Gretchen.

The original lyric:
One pleasant day in the month of June,
As I was sitting with my cup and spoon,
A small bird sang in an Ivy bunch,
And the song he sang was “The Jug of Punch.”


3V1364.01 The Effect of my New York Job (10/17/81)

While we had not yet located a place for our Logo Center, I was reluctant for Peggy to travel into New York. There has been no place for me at the NYAS (no desk, not even a chair to sit on) and I only go there when there really is work for me to do there that can’t be done here.

Rob and Miriam can pretty much take care of themselves and keep out of the way. They have come regularly with me and Peg has been left home consistently. This makes her very unhappy. She complains often, and it is true that since starting in New York I have spent much less time with her than before. This day, a Saturday, fair and warm, I took Peggy alone over to a new neighborhood park, “Bittner Park.” It was an interesting time, exploring new toys. Late in the afternoon, at the older childrens request (and with Peg’s strong support) we all got in the TD and drove to Jacob’s Beach — a last trip before winter sets in to the toys and the sea shells.


Peggy Study, Panel P187

Themes: Clay Play, Object Exploration, Social Interaction w/o Bob
Source: (Lawler); date: tbd

Text commentary: These clips show Peggy trying to get the “right fit” or correspondence between different kinds of things; Bob is absent from this session.

P187A1 Clay Play, 9mb

P187A2 Clay Play, 24mb

P187A3 Clay Play, 24mb

P187B1 Colored Blocks, 31mb

P187B2 Bag of Balls, 24mb

P187B3 Ring Tower,Correspondences,Juggling, 18mb

P187B4 Nested Boxes, 22mb


Peggy Study, Panel P190

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction: Computer Use
Source: (Lawler); date: 9/13/1981

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P190A1 TI-Logo Blocks, 24mb

P190A2 TI-Logo Blocks, 19mb

P190A3 TI-Logo Blocks, 15mb

P190B Lincoln Logs, 28mb

P190C1 Std Objects: Cups, 30mb

P190C2 Std Objects: Boxes+, 7mb

P190D Toy Animal Play, 26mb


Peggy Study, Panel P197

Themes: Drawings, Symbols, Stories, Piagetian Challenges
Source: (Lawler); date: late October, 1981

Title Peggy starts Quarter Sixteen
Text commentary: the themes of this video are embodied in the clips; one of my personal favorites.(RWL)

P117A Drawings Review, 27mb

P117B Letters and Spaces, 10mb

P197C Fischer-Price People Play 9mb

P117D 1-1 Correspondance, 36mb

P117E Ring Tower Plus, 24mb

P117F Colored Blocks, 41mb