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LC1bT13 Protocol 13

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RAL protocol 13.1

RAL protocol 13.2

RAL protocol 13.3

RAL protocol 13.4

RAL protocol 13.5

RAL protocol 13.6

RAL protocol 13.7

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Figure 1
RAL protocol 13 Figure 1

Addendum 1
RAL protocol 13-A1

Addendum 2
RAL protocol 13-A2

Addendum 3
RAL protocol 13-A3

Addendum 4
RAL protocol 13-A4

Addendum 5
RAL protocol 13-A5


Peggy Study, Panel PF02

Themes: Peggy Using ZOOM with Bob
Source: (Lawler); date: 8/22/82

Title: Early in Quarter Nineteen (more than four years and a half)
Text commentary: Peggy at home (in France); using named procedures is easy; understanding them (and Turtle Geometry) is harder.

PF02A Date, Place, and Plan, 7mb

PF02B Reintroducing Zoom, 35mb

PF02C A Box Procedure, 40mb

PF02D Face1 Procedure, 28mb

PF02E Eye Procedure, 7mb

PF02F Eyes and Face2, 31mb

PF02G Nose; End of tape, 6mb