Peggy Study, Panel PG15 Themes: Reading, Number, Drawing Source: (Lawler); date: 3/8/84 Title: Peggy at Six and a Quarter Text commentary: ; the penultimate video in Guilford; the last has poor video quality. PG15A Introduction, 6mb PG15B1 Frontier Reading (1), 31mb PG15B2 Frontier Reading (2), 32mb PG15C1 Numbers, Adding (1), 29mb PG15C2 Numbers, Adding (2), …

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Peggy Study, Panel PG11 Themes: Reading “Hop on Pop,” Adding with Fingers Source: (Lawler); date: 1/5/84 Title: Peggy at Six Years Texst commentary: documentation of observations (right or wrong); Symbols, symbol manipulation PG11A1 Reading 1, 3mb PG11A2 Reading 2, 22mb PG11A3 Reading 3, 21mb PG11A4 Reading 4, 22mb PG11A5 Reading 5, 23mb PG11B1 Addition with …

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LC1bT06 Protocol 6 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (2)


LC1bT05 Protocol 5 Drawing a Fox (cf. discussion in Development of Objectives) n.b. hand-written date at top of first page in error by 2 years. Included Text Pages


LC1bT04 Protocol 4 Included Text Pages (2) Included Materials (3)


LC1bT03 Protocol 3 Included Text Pages Included Materials


LC1bT02 Protocol 2 Included Text Pages (2) Discussion Protocol 2.1 Included Materials (3)


LC1bT01 Protocol 1 Included Text Pages(14) Included Materials(8) Addendum 1 Addendum 2, BGB, BigBuilding Terminal Log Pages (6)


Vn133.1 4/28/78-5/8 & 31/78 4/28 The calorie counting continues for me, and the adding for Miriam. The sum of Addendum 133 – 1 is interesting because of its error: the left justification of 3 and 4 digit addends in the same vertical grid. Despite this mal-arrangement, with its implication that the place-value basis of column …

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Vn132.1 BIG-SUMS Extension 4/21 & 22/78 4/21 “Oog. I’ve got to add all these big numbers.” So I called to Miriam’s attention a situation in which one could make use of the kinds of skills she had developed in adding multi-digit addends: I was summing the number of calories in my day’s diet. Miriam asked …

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