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Vn132.1 BIG-SUMS Extension 4/21 & 22/78 4/21 “Oog. I’ve got to add all these big numbers.” So I called to Miriam’s attention a situation in which one could make use of the kinds of skills she had developed in adding multi-digit addends: I was summing the number of calories in my day’s diet. Miriam asked …

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Vn131.1 Miriam’s 7th Birthday 4/8 & 9/78 4/8/ Miriam began planning her birthday party several weeks ago. On the 3 x 5 cards of Addendum 131 – 1, she listed the friends to bo invited, the candy, and her selection of party games. The children were all from her class at school. The games are …

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Vn130.1 4/3 & 10, 11/78 4/3 Miriam noticed a sum in Home Session 7 as I worked on a paper and asked if she could do it. When I wrote the sum on the black board, Miriam added right to left with carries, thus: 1 3 7 4 1 + 2 5 3 0 _____________________ …

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Vn129.1 Robby Computes a Tax 4/5/78 Robby caught on fire again today. He approached me inquiring, “How much is half of 423?” Miriam responded to his question from the other room, “2 hundred and 11 and a half.” I told her to stop butting in and asked Robby how much was half of 400, then …

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Vn123.1 Computation Finale 2/12 & 14/78 2/12 Since completing Vignette 121 (Double Perspectives) I have tried to engage Miriam in executing a difficult addition. My purpose was to introduce the idea of a simultaneous, double perspective as what one needs to appreciate carries by challenging her with a puzzle — “What number is 10 when …

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Vn122.1 Carrying Bugs 2/5/78 Invited to play at a friend’s house, Miriam waited for Gretchen to drive her there. During this vacuum of activity, I asked her if she remembered how to add with carries (cf. Home Session 23). Miriam reacted impatiently, as though it were foregone that she did. She agreed to solve a …

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Vn118.1 Introducing Peggy 1/26/78 The calculated arrival date for Peggy, our new daughter, was January 24th. Gretchen, because of her past experience with Robby and Miriam who were both late, did not expect the birth until the very end of January. This expectation was a source of some comfort over the past weekend (Jan. 20-22) …

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Vn113.1 Steady State 12/8/77 A few nights ago, Miriam approached me: “Dad, why do we have to spend 6 hours in school every day?” “Why do you ask?” I countered. Miriam continued, “It sure is a long time.” When I first asked what was the problem, the answer came back that the work was too …

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Vn112.1 How Her Teacher Sees Miriam 12/7/77 Miriam’s teacher, Sue, sees her as a special child in several ways. Her surprise at Miriam’s easy solution of class inclusion problems (cf. Vignette 90, Meeting Miriam’s Teacher) shows she had reason outside of anything I told her in our first meeting. She learned of Miriam’s continuing work …

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Vn104.1 Back to School 10/14/77 During the last days of our project experiments, I promised Miriam to visit her first grade class as I had visited in kindergarten. I had the mistaken impression that Miriam had arranged my visit with Ms. Fieman. The oversight proved to be no problem, for despite my beard and over-size …

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Vn100.1 Arithmetic Ripples 9/26/77-10/2&7/77 9/26 Miriam tells me today was her first day of doing math at school. “But we did it differently there from what we [she and I] did here.” She explained that school math was playing with cuisiniere rods. I told her I thought that was great, and asked what she did …

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Vn98.1 Miriam’s New Reader 9/24/77-10/3/77 9/24 Since I was uncertain how much Miriam’s reading skill had developed over the summer (focused as much of it was on reading Peanuts and Pogo cartoons), I could not easily judge what would best test Miriam’s capacity. We discussed the problem. Miriam characterized the book used in Miriam at …

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Vn95.1 Why the Project is Ending Now 9/18 & 27/77 9/18 Miriam has expressed her desire to do the same work as her class- mates, her preference for doing the whatever ‘math’ they will do at school to learning the kind of math we do together. I take this prefer- ence as a strong commitment …

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Vn20.2 In the Gymnasium (2)6/3/77 This evening I asked Miriam whether she usually stood aside from the games in gym as she did yesterday (except for Animal Farm). She replied that she doesn’t like running around (her allergy to dust and its chronic incipient wheezing make her feelings quite understandable). But Miriam justified her alternative …

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Vn020A In the Gymnasium 6/2/77 Twenty four children filing into the gym, a space about 20 by 40 with a wall-wide, wooden climbing rack at one end. During the half hour, when any children did not want to play some game or other he might climb around on that climbing rack, come sit on the …

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Vn019 Rehearsal 6/2/77 Last night Miriam asked me to come to kindergarten this morning to help out with a rehearsal of ‘Goldilocks.’ (see Logo Session 17, 5/1). When Miriam began showing an interest in plays (cf. Vignette 3), I mentioned to her that those years I spent at Yale were in the Drama School, that …

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  Vn018.01 Housekeeping Corner (3) 6/2/77   In her race to the school bus this morning, Miriam left behind a present for her friend Maria and scripts for the play rehearsal (see Vignette 19). When I entered the kindergarten about 9 (which means the children had finished their quiet reading time and the general class …

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Vn017A Arithmetic Ripples 5/28/77 After the session in which I introduced Miriam to adding large numbers (see Home Session 4, 5/28), passing Miriam’s room I noticed in her open loose-leaf book a page of computation. Miriam later gave it to me and I include it as Addendum 17 – 1. Note that the written form …

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Vn014.1 Housekeeping Corner 5/24 & 27/77 Since Miriam started recounting where she spends her time in kindergarten (see Vignette 12), it has become clear that she spends most of her time in the ‘housekeeping corner.’ When I’ve been in the kindergarten class, I’ve usually found myself playing with blocks, or making designs and elaborate towers …

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Vn013 Phonemics 5/23/77 In discussions some weeks ago with a distinguished Genevan psycholinguist, the question of instructing children in phonetics came up. My earlier work on children’s conception of wordhood (‘Pre-Readers’ Concept of the English Word’) and pig-latin (not available) had convinced me that children should learn how to read before delving into phonetics. (Such …

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Vn012 Miriam Collecting Data 5/23/77 While the children were awaiting the school bus this morning, I noticed the little blue notebook in which Miriam was to record her kindergarten activities. I took it out and offered it to her. She said she didn’t want it when I reminded her what it was for and then …

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Vn007.02 A Willing Subject 5/19/77 As the children left for school this morning, I asked Miriam if she wanted to come to Logo today. She said she would not come. When I asked why not, Miriam replied, “I just need a day off.” After the previous day’s tensions, it seemed a most reasonable request. I …

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Vn007.01 A Willing Subject 5/18/77 Today was the most difficult experiment of the initial series, separating the variables implicated in the flexibility of bending rods (Cf. The Growth of Logical Thinking from Childhood to Adolescence, Inhelder and Piaget). Of the many experiments through which one may distinguish concrete from formal thinking, this one shows best …

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Vn003.01 Openness and Reticence5/10/77 Miriam rarely discusses her activities in kindergarten unless directly asked. I was surprised today when Miriam volunteered that her class had put on a little play. I asked what part she played. Miriam I didn’t play any, Daddy. Bob Oh, didn’t you want to? Miriam I read the story and the …

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