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3V0736.01 [pick oo up] (1/28/80)

Peggy has begun to say “Pick oo up” instead of or in addition to just
“up.” Over the subsequent days, victim of a bad cold, Peggy used this
phrase constantly. Recently Bob noted that he heard her say ”Pick up.”
dropping out the “oo” [you]. Peggy probably developed this phrase
originally from hearing us reply “Shall I pick you up?” or “Do you want
me to pick you up?” Gretchen.


3V0736.02 Culdy’s mouse; apparent possessive (1/28/80)

Peggy has been of late forcing the dog’s toy on her, will she or not.
With Scurry in the other room, Peggy picked up the toy and very
distinctly and precisely named it as “Culdy’s mouse” then ran off to put
it on her. This is an uncontestable use of a form that has all the
surface features of a possessive; the form was distinctly applied on an
object to a person quite correctly.


3V0738.01 “Up on the bed”; [pocket…in…into pocket] (1/30/80)

In our bedroom today, Peggy came over to the bed and said “Up on the
bed.” [she wanted to get up.]

Later she was playing with her “gold” buttons in the pocket of my
sweater. She put them back, remarking “Pocket…in…into pocket…” Gretchen.


Peggy Study, Panel P105

Themes: Language Development, Object Knowledge, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 1/28/1980

Text commentary: These clips show Peggy entering her third year.

P105A Talking with Peg, 18mb

P105B1 Standard Objects, 14mb

P105B2 Standard Objects, 19mb

P105C Alphabet Blocks, 16mb

P105D Building Blocks, 19mb

P105E1 Coins with Rob, 15mb

P105E2 Coins (not blocks) with Rob, 16mb

P105F With Guitar, 28mb