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3V0749.01 Words and Numbers; primary roots of discrimination (2/10/80)

Miriam and Peggy play with my yardstick a lot (a free one from a local
hardware store, it has the measure and advertisements on it). Miriam
marches around with it on her shoulder: “hup, two, three, four; hup…”
Peggy marches too, “hup, two, three; hup, two, three.”

Today she LOOKED at the yardstick, then pointing at the symbols as she
clambered along it, said ( in pointing at the numbers) “eleventeen” and
at the words “Peggy Lawler.”

What this means is that she is interpreting alpha-numeric symbols
already — in a very non-standard and idiosyncratic way — but she is
reading the symbol strings as meaningful already.


3V0754.01 [Robby offa chair] (2/15/80)

Robby was given a chair by his great grandmother when he was 2.
It was handed down to Miriam and now to Peggy, but he still feels
privileged to sit on it (though much too big).

Peggy asserts the chair is hers (after all, she is the only one of an
appropriate size for it). When Robby sat on it today, she became very
upset and, near tears, commended “Robby, offa chair!” The sense of
what she meant is very clear. How can one explain the surface features?


3V0755.01 [offa Daddy] (2/16/80)

Peggy sat in my lap and was squirming. “Do you want to get down?”
I asked. She said, “offa Daddy,” as she clambered down from my lap.


3V0755.02 Many Lawlers (2/16/80)

Riding in the car, Peggy spoke to herself up in her car seat. “Peggy
Lawler. Mimi Lawler. Robby Lawler. Mommy Lawler. Daddy Lawler.”


Peggy Study, Panel P107

Themes: Language Development, Object Knowledge, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 2/11/1980

Text commentary: These clips show Peggy’s choices determining activities; further they exhibit the continuing and increasing demand that her language performance rise to a comprehensible standard

P107A1 Plans versus Toys, 21mb

P107A2 Fitting Into Holes, 26mb

P107B Use Typewriter, 12mb

P107C Reading with GPL, 30mb

P107D1 Balloon Play, 16mb

P107D2 Standard Objects, 20mb

P107E Balloon Finale, 10mb

P107F On the Floor, with Miriam, 13mb