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3V0777.01 Analogies — their incomprehension; deep role in cognition. (3/9/80)

Peggy woke me at midnight, she had a stuffy nose and was crying for
her Mommy. we played in the sitting room, she in my lap. Pointing to
a foxy, she said ‘Get foxy.’ I replied ‘Too far away.’ She continued ‘Like
a fader.’ Surprised, I asked, ‘He’s like a father ?’
P : ‘Yes. Big. ?
B : ‘Because he’s so big ?’
P : ‘Yes.’
I picked up things within reach, a rabbit and a toy gun. Peggy stuffed
the rabbit between her legs and the chair, then she picked up the gun.
After a few rotations and trigger pulls, she pointed to a small protrusion
about the handle ‘Who’s that ?’ (I didn’t answer.) She continued, ‘Tail ?’
Then picking up the rabbit by the tail, she said, ‘Rabbit have tail…(of
the gun, pointing again) Have uh tail ?’

This is as clear an example as one could wish to have of Peggy’s using
her part knowledge of one thing (animals) to analyze what the parts
are of things of a different sort. This is not a superficial simile, it is a
deep use of analogy to understand what’s what.


3V0780.01 Conversation at dinner: multiple “thanks” (3/12/80)

Peggy dropped her fork and Robby retrieved it.
P: Robby get fork.”
G: Yes, Robby got the fork for you. Peggy, you should say ‘thank you.’
P. Thank oo.
R: You’re welcome.
P. /dats./ [Thanks, idiosyncratic]
R. You’re welcome.


3V0780.02 Inquiry: first normal interrogative [where’s Cat a Hat ?] (3/12/80)

Peggy: “Read ‘Cat a Hat.’… Where’s Cat a Hat’?”
The first time I’ve heard her use the normal interrogative instead of “XX is where ?”
She has also begun to say “Why?” all the time.


3V0780.03 Shoe Daddy off: clear example of non-standard syntax (3/12/80)

Peggy said this as I removed my shoes. It is perfectly clear she was
describing what I did and it is also clear what she meant, “Daddy is
taking off his shoe.” the syntax appears quite non-standard.


3V0781.01 “Peggy Lawler” – what symbols mean to her (3/13/80)

Ever since Miriam’s gift of the Grover Book (wherein she wrote PEGGY
LAWLER on the inside cover to show ownership), Peggy has interpreted
any group of letters as meaning “Peggy Lawler.” She distinguishes
(more or less) between four things: letters, seen as individuals; pictures
in books; words in books (seen en masse); and individual words,
standing out from the mass, as interpreted as meaning “Peggy Lawler”
(at least hopefully so named by her).


Peggy Study, Panel P111

Themes: Toys and Talk, More Toys, Books with Bob
Source: (Lawler); date: 3/9/1980

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Peggy was coming down with a cold at this time.

P111A1 Toys with GPL, 12mb

P111A2 Toys with GPL, 24mb

P111A3 Toys with GPL, 27mb

P111B1 Objects & Toys with Bob, 20mb

P111B2 Objects & Toys with Bob, 25mb

P111C1 Books with Bob, 10mb

P111C2 Books with Bob, 31mb