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3V0785.01 New toys (3/17/80)

Peggy discovered the rest of the set of stacking cups, neatly stacked.
She carefully separated then, setting them down in an irregular row.
Then she put them back into a stack, apparently in random order so
that some nested and others did not. She repeated the taking apart and
re-stacking. The third time she appeared to be trying to make them
nest, and when a cup she tried was too big, she would remove it and try
another. The fourth time, she put little ones inside big ones and made
about three or four pairs of nesting cups. She did not attempt to make
these pairs fit together any further.


3V0785.02 Girl go in moto-cycle (3/17/80)

This refers to the Fisher Price doll in a motor cycle.)


3V0785.03 Letters in cards (3/17/80)

The “school desk” set I gave Peggy in P112 (or P111) has card board
cards as part. These cards have cut outs for letter insertion for the
letters in the names of objects printed on them. Peggy has been fitting
letters into those slots.

3/22/80 Peggy has been fitting the magnetic letters in the plastic
hollow tray, trying to fit specific letters into their appropriate holes.


3V0785.04 Me dumb dog — a joke by Peggy (3/17/80)

Gretchen was getting Robby from scouts. I was in bed early. Miriam
put Peggy in her crib because she would not watch TV with her. Peggy
was most unhappy. I rose from bed, rescued her, and we crawled
under the covers together. After a little talk about pillows and Peggy
struggling to remove her socks, I said “Daddy love Peggy.”
P: “Why?” She asked, as she has in response to every word spoken to
her in the past several weeks.

I had heard her address these words to her toy elephant as she sat him
on her potty, “he good friend.” I tried to answer her “Why?”
B: “Peggy good friend.”
P: “No (she laughed), “Me dumb dog.”

The joke is clear if one knows that Peggy has lately referred to Scurry
as a “dumb dog,” even though she loves Scurry. she also loves her toy
elephant, but she clearly in this joke makes the distinction between the
animate and inanimate objects of love.


3V0787.01 Knock-knock variations (3/19/80)

Sitting with Peggy and Miriam after dinner. somehow the phrase knock knock came up..
M&P: Knock knock
M: knock knock
P: Who’s there ?
M. Tim
P: Tim who ? (the first time I heard her make the appropriate response at this point)
M. Timber !

– a second go:
M. knock knock
P: Who’s there ?
M: Orange.
P: (slowly, after a pause) What orange ?
Miriam tried again and got the same response.

– another try:
M: knock knock
P: Who’s there ?
M. Telephone.
P: In the kitchen.

Finally, Miriam went back to her original success:
M: knock knock
P: Who’s there ?
M: Him.
P: Him who ?
M: Him is after me. (Hop on Pop reference)


3V0788.01 Knock-knock again (3/20/80)

This morning Peggy said to me suddenly:
P: Knock knock
G; who’s there ?
P: Tim-mer.
G: Timber ? Timber who ?
P: (giggled and shrugged).
She repeated this conversation several times.


3V0788.02 Peggy love bear — any way will do (3/20/80)

So Peggy began a conversation. I repeated, “Peggy love bear?” .
P: Right , she replied..
B. “Bear love Peggy, ” I continued.
P. “Right.” (again).
B. Finally “Love Bear Peggy ?” I asked .
P: “OK, ” agreed Peggy.


3V0789.01 Peggy Lawler again (3/21/80)

A later, outstanding example of this interpretation by Peggy occurred as
I read “The Fox” (by Peter Spier) to her. Peggy asked, “Who’s that?”
pointing to words at the bottom of the cover saying “Illustrations
drawn by Peter Spier.” She answered herself, “letters,” pointing to the
first words of the line. I pointed to the capitalized, bold-faced name of
the author. “Who’s that?” I asked. “Peggy Lawler” was her answer.


3V0789.03 Word order variations ( — loves — ) (3/21/80)

Bob questioning Peggy…
B: Daddy loves Peggy?
P: Yes
B: Mimi loves Peggy ?
P. Yes.
B; Mommy loves Peggy.
P: Yes
B: Anyone else ? [looking for mention of Robby…]
P: Peggy loves Peggy.

More questions…
Peggy love bear ?
P: Yes
B: Bear love Peggy ?
P: Yes
B: Love bear Peggy ?
P: Yes


3V0790.01 Name: [Daddy name Bob] (3/22/80)

Pointing to her father working at his desk, Peggy said, “That Daddy.”
G: Yes
P: Daddy name Bob.”


Peggy Study, Panel P112

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 3/16/1980

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P112A Preliminaries, 4mb

P112B1 Standard Objects, 15mb

P112B2 Standard Objects, 17mb

P112C Toy Interlude, 4mb

P112D1 Letter Desk, 21mb

P112D2 Letter Desk, 19mb

P112D3 Letter Desk, 24mb

P112E Cat in the Hat, 17mb

P112F Miriam’s Toy, 5mb

P112G Letter Desk Again, 21mb