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3V0798.01 Relation of heard imperative and reconstructed declarative (3/30/80)

Peggy to me: “Mommy, be quiet… be quiet.” [I am not talking at the time.]
I reply, “I am.”
Peggy: “I am quiet…I am quiet.” (accent more on quiet than on “am”)


3V0799.01 Walking something like a dog (3/31/80)

Peggy carried two empty beer cans from the kitchen to me in my chair
(after all, they were mine). Plunking them down vertically on my knee,
still holding on, she began twisting the cans in opposite directions
around their common vertical center, and explained, unbidden,
“walking like a doggy, like a doggy walks.”


3V0799.02 Unfamiliar phrase reaction (3/31/80)

G: “Sit down, Peggy, so I can tie your bloody shoe!”
P: “Bloody shoe. What you mean?” [/whuht/choe/min/]


3V0799.03 Wanting present mommy (3/31/80)

Driving back from cub scouts after dropping Robby off — Peggy yawned.
I said, “Tired?”
P: Yes.
G: Maybe that’s because you didn’t have a nap today.
P: (loudly) I want Mommy…I want Mommy.”
G: You have a Mommy, right here.
P: (flat) Oh.
G: (I chuckled)
P: That funny ?
G: Yes.
P: Oh.


3V0801.01 Counting (4/2/80)

As I put her floride drops into juice, Peggy counted out
as she has heard me do, “One…two….three…”
Bob notes Peggy counted: one, two three four (checkers)



3V0802.01 “Hot dogs cooked by Daddy” (4/3/80)

I don’t recall the detail of this incident.


3V0803.01 Agent, patient, and word order: [Peggy hurt — ] (4/4/80 or earlier)

Miriam sat by the stove, reviewing her multiplication flash cards.
Peggy, Mad at her for some reasons, hit at Miriam and hurt herself by
striking the flash cards. She cried, “Mimi hurt Peggy !”
Miriam corrected her, “No. You did it yourself. Peggy did it.”
Peggy, still crying, said, “Peggy hurt me…Peggy hurt Peggy.”

This exemplifies repetition in an uncertain area of usage. Why the
repetition ? This is surely not for standardization of usage — or the
order would have gone the other way. Is it to bring out different
expressions involving an unfamiliar relation with a familiar action
(reflexivity, with a hurting verb).


3V0804.01 Directed speech (4/5/80)

I consider the appearance of this phenomenon one of the most striking
evidences of the elevation of control.

Several days ago, Peggy approached me with her favorite toy, “Bear
Hug.” She said to me, “Say ‘Hi bear’.” I did as she asked. This was
repeated a few times, with Scurry as the target.

Today Peggy came in the bath room while I was in the tub. She put her
boats in my bath, splashed around and so forth, then decided to leave.
She said to me, “Say ‘Good-bye Peggy’.” I complied. She left, saying,
“See you later.”

In Peggy’s direction, initiation of the protocol by the “second” actor
(from her point of view), she clearly exhibits a level of explicit control
supervising the execution of this very simple exchange.


Peggy Study, Panel P114

Themes: Vocal Communication, Exploring Object Interactions, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 3/31/1980

Text commentary: These clips show continuing object exploration with increasing focus on letters

P114A1 Rehearsal, 2mb

P114A2 Sorting Letters, 9mb

P114B B for Basics, 10mb

P114C1 Standard Objects, 20mb

P114C2 Standard Objects, 23mb[splash jpeg error]

P114D1 Reading with Bob, 18mb

P114D2 Reading with Bob, 18mb

P114E1 Blocks Exploring, 15mb

P114E2 Blocks Exploring, 28mb

P114F Letter, “Who dat?”, 20mb