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3V0833.01 “Meaning”: asking about unknown references (5/4/80)

Peggy has begun to inquire about what some incomprehensible
utterance means. At supper this evening, we were discussing my next
trip to Boston (Peggy is beginning to claim she should come along.)
When, among familiar words, I mentioned going to “Logo”, Peggy
immediately asked, “What meaning ‘Logo’?” Gretchen said she has been
doing this recently, so this is cited as an example of what is now typical
linguistic skill, to inquire about the meaning of some utterance
segment when the interpretation failure has been localized there.


3V0836.01 Imitation of role: (bob in chair, chasing away kids) (5/7/80)

Peggy was sitting in Bob’s big recliner, reading. When Miriam came
along, Peggy said to her, “Go away, Mimi… I trying to work.” At about
the same period or slightly later, she chased Robby out of that same
chair, telling him to leave because it was Daddy’s chair.


3V0839.01 Assimilation example: dragon/’snake’ (5/10/80)

Miriam brought home from the library a recording of “The Hobbit.”
Pictured on the cover is the dragon, ‘Smaug’ (as Tolkein notes, a “low
gothic joke.,” the past participle of “smugen” to extrude from or
through a hole). No one, I believe, has even mentioned dragons to
Peggy and no one, I am certain, showed her the picture before and
explained it. “What’s this, Peggy?” I asked as I produced the picture.
She decided, “Snake,” definitely and was not corrected.

This is not an important example (but it is a clear one) of interpreting
what you haven’t met before as a variant of what you have.


3V0839.02 L” missing (5/10/80)

Peggy played with her magnetic letters and plastic tray. After inserting
in all their holes the letters available, she pointed to the space for “L”
and said “L missing.”


Peggy Study, Panel P119

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 5/4/1980

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P119A1 Letter Desk, 26mb

P119A2 Scurry Incursion, 3mb

P119A3 More Letters, 24mb

P119A4 Letters Finale, 9mb

P119B Letters & Reading, 22mb

P119C Reading and Objects, 22mb

P119D Reading and Storires, 7mb

P119E Solid Puzzle, 22mb

P119F Names and Classes, 11mb