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3V0840.01 Using “then”: example of suitable temporal conjunction (5/11/80)

This is a lost example. I can no longer recall precisely what Peggy said,
but the import remains to me. She connected two sentences together
with “then” explaining to me some earlier action of hers. It was a clear
case of suitable temporal conjunction — a multi-sentence logical


3V0841.01 Causation: {Scurry did it. She bumped my head.}

Under her overlong bangs, I noticed a bruise on Peggy’s forehead and
asked what had happened to her. She replied, “This? (pointing to
bruise). Scurry did it. She bumped my head.” (This is not a quotation
but records the sense of what she said.


3V0846.01 Third person for intense emphasis: commands to Scurry (5/17/80)

Peggy played with Scurry, trying to get her to SIT (a command which
Scurry will obey when she chooses). With the dog on a leash, Peggy
pulled her around for a while and in the course said “sit.” Scurry did
not obey. Intensifying her command, Peggy said to Scurry, “She told
me sit,” emphatically.


3V0846.02 Directed speech: Peggy in multiple roles and reading (5/17/80)

Peggy found the other day a toy candy dispenser with a rabbit head on top.
Today she sat on the floor, playing with it and reading the Britannica
‘Thinking’ book. She asked the rabbit:
Peggy: Wanta read it to me rabbit ?
Rabbit: That’s a cat.
Peggy: It sure is.

Later on, Peggy indulged in some more dialogue, as she and her toy
rabbit played with other small animals.
Rabbit: Hi. this is my house…. His house…. Hi, Pony. Hi, cow.
Peggy: (turning to me) Rabbit talking a pony.


Peggy Study, Panel P120

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction: Vocal Communication, Object Exploration, Reading together
Source: (Lawler); date: 5/11/1980

Text commentary: These clips show communication and conversational development; also object control refinement

P120A1 Standard Objects, 26mb

P120A2 Objects: Balance, 16mb

P120A3 Objects: Letter Names, 8mb

P120A4 Objects & Talk, 18mb

P120A5 Standard Objects, 24mb

P120B1 Reading Scarry’s “Hop Aboard”, 15mb

P120B2 Reading “Little Black”, 27mb

P120B3 Reading “Little Black”, 12mb