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3V0851.01 Inappropriate color names: red and blue are green also (5/22/80)

Peggy is sensitive to color as an important descriptor. She interprets
color names as such and uses them in her speech — but the application
is all wrong. Her favorite color term is green — she applies it generally
(and with no obvious uneasiness) to red and blue.


3V0851.02 Lonely discovery: another micro-script {This little piggy…] (5/22/80)

Upon awakening late this morning, I could hear Peggy through the
partition separating our rooms, talking to herself. She said, “This little
piggy…wee wee home.”

We have recited this game for Peggy for some while (and Gretchen did
so when Putting Peggy to bed last night). Peggy, by the evidence clearly
recalls the first and last phrases. WHAT she recalls is not important.
The fact that once again, by herself, she is rehearing social/verbal
scripts is important. “Lonely discovery” now has more than one


3V0852.01 Verbal aspect: self correction I do -> I did (5/23/80)

Peggy has been to the beach with Gretchen. Returning from Boston,
I heard of Peggy falling down in the water and began to talk about it with her:
Bob: You fell ?
Peggy: I fall in water.
Bob: You do ?
Peggy: (correcting me!): I DID !

Peggy is clearly using tense forms to express something meaningful to her.
I suspect (with the Bronkhart/Sinclair article in mind) that aspect
is what is significant to her.


3V0852.02 More imitation: (Bob with cast on leg, using Rob’s boot) (5/23/80)

Peggy was playing with one of Miriam’s old cowboy boots. She put it on
one foot and stumped around remarking, “I have cow boot. I have a
cast on my leg.” [bob had broken his foot on Good Friday, and has had
a cast for five weeks, up to a week or so ago]. A day or two ago, she
ran through a similar scenario.


Peggy Study, Panel P121

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 5/18/1980

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P121A1 Standard Objects, 22mb

P121A2 Standard Objects, 20mb

P121B1 Toys and Talking, 22mb

P121B2 Toys and Talking, 14mb

P121C Blocks, 12mb

P121D1 Letter Desk, 22mb

P121D2 Letter Desk, 22mb

P121E Hanoi Tower Puzzle, 17mb