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3V0856.01 Anticipating trouble; the unusual is forbidden (5/27/80)

Miriam and Peggy were outside. Miriam wanted to go down to the
beach without her sister, so she told Peggy that “Mommy wants to
speak to you. Peggy headed inside remarking, “Am I in trouble?”

Peggy was pestering me mildly as I sat at the table, so I let my head fall
forward onto the table. She immediately ordered, “Don’t sleep on your nose.”


3V0856.02 Need to document funny reasons: we should do this (5/27/80)

After we had just put up some screen doors, in a context I no longer recall,
I asked Peggy why she had closed the screen door. She replied,
“Hard…other side open.”

This is not a good example of anything — but it does point out an objective
we should have: to document reasons Peggy gives for her actions in
sufficiently rich detail we can appreciate how bizarre or appropriate they be.


Peggy Study, Panel P122

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 5/25/1980

Text commentary: These clips show effective but difficult communication

P122A1 Peggy’s Domain, 12mb

P122A2 Putting Away, 6mb

P122B1 Standard Objects, 21mb

P122B2 Standard Objects, 23mb

P122C Conversation, 16mb

P122D1 Mother Goose, 23mb

P122D2 Mother Goose, 28mb

P122E Snoopy Train, 18mb