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3V0862.01 Roots of reading (6/2/80)

Peggy has started reading to us. It began last night when I came to bed and
found Peggy reading a Tintin book to herself. She offered to read to me,
open[ed] to the first page and began: “once a morning, a ship (was) in the water…”
then closed the book and started bouncing on the bed. The passage to which
the book was open showed a liner in mid ocean — but where did
“Once uh morning” come from?

Peggy soon read other things — her “Puppies” book, lacking its covers
and many pages — where “Once uh morning” came up again. (CF. failure
to get her to read in P123.) I finally figured it out — her favorite
little book is “Benjamin Bunny” (3×4″) which she carries around and
often looks in. It begins “One morning a little rabbit sat on a bank…”

What could be a more primitive reading than to begin with a phrase of
an over learned script then continue into the “variable” portion of the
story by describing the agents and actions represented by the pictures.

When you think about it, what could be a better primer than the
realistic cartoons of Tintin – where “people” do dramatic things with
recognizable objects — Peggy first began reading books by recognizing
the actors, eg. “That’s snowy.” “That’s Tintin” (this began at least a
year ago- cf. early notes & recall her close bond to Scurry).

Do I have any past notes which mention Peggy’s first descriptions of actions ?
I think not. Gretchen says it was within the past 2-3 weeks. I think it
was within the past 2 months. Clarifying this relation is important.


3V0862.02 Beginning reading: reading from Puppies book (6/2/80)
reconstructed from a journal entry of 6/2/80 )

When Peggy offered to read to me (“Daddy, I read you”), I joined her on
the floor. Her specific reconstruction of three pages via pictures were

TERRIERS: “Once a morning, puppy want a dig a hole (this reflects
phrase from “The Pokey little puppy.”

DALMATIONS: “There’s a boot. What the other puppies do?” (This
surely reflects the picture; may reflect text of the book.

SPANIELS: “Four puppies in a basket. Wanta ride this bike cyl.”
Peggy got the “Pokey Little Puppy” for me to read to her when I asked
Gretchen about “puppy want a dig a hole.”


3V0864.01 More on aspect: peculiar verbs (6/4/80)

/In the note of 5/23/80, I remarked on Peggy’s use of “did” to specify
what is probably aspect. Another example occurred today where Peggy
on Miriam’s being away from home [sic]. I believe I asked her where
Miriam was. She responded (and I remember this precisely, “Mimi’s
gone. She did go swimming.”


3V0865.01 Counting with Mimi: alternate counting game (6/5/80)

Miriam announced a game she and Peggy have been playing – a game of
alternate counting. Miriam and Peg count alternately:
M1, P2, M3, P4, M5, P6, M7, P7, M8, P9, M10, P11, M12, P12

6/8 note: Peg fast count from 4-11 by herself in the other room, as Miriam reports.


Peggy Study, Panel P123

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 6/2/1980

Text commentary: The content of Pane P123B relates Peggy’s experience with chunks of other books and her integrating them to produce an interpretation of this one.

P123A Jumping Rope, 11mb

P123B Reading, 9mb

P123C1 Cuisenaire Rods, 24mb

P123C2 Cuisenaire Rods, 14mb

P123C3 Cuisenaire Rods with Rob, 9mb

P123D1 Standard Objects, 20mb

P123D2 Standard Objects, 21mb

P123D3 Standard Objects, 17mb

P123E Letter Desk, 24mb