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3V0896.01 Letters as symbols for people’s names (7/6/80)

In session P127 and P128, Peggy revealed the congeniality of her
conceiving of and remembering letter names as associated with
members of our family. Today she sat on the floor and help up a ‘P’.
“That’s me, right?” she asked and later “That Robby?” (for a ‘B’).
Sometime later she sat on the couch with Gretchen, Peggy laying out
the people-letters and Gretchen confirming her judgment and asking


3V0899.01 Toilet training: a first success (7/9/80)

Peggy had a wet diaper and asked me to take it off. “Take off diaper…
don’t hug me…take this off…. I have to do something.” She took her
little toilet, set it in the middle of the room, pissed in it, and emptied
the pot into the regular toilet. Ten minutes or so later, she ran in from
the living room and repeated these actions. This was the first volunteer


Peggy Study, Panel P128

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 7/6/1980

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P128A Intro: audio; bad video, 6mb

P128B1 Dapper Dan, 9mb

P128B2 Dapper Dan, 15mb

P128C1 Letter Desk, 23mb

P128C2 Letter Desk, 22mb

P128D1 Standard Objects, 18mb

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