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3V0956.01 Meaning more than she can say (9/4/80)

This note documents an incident more remarkable for what Peggy
failed to say that for what she did say: While I was off in Boston,
Miriam had been sitting in my arm chair (one from which I shoo the
children whenever I want to sit there.) It has been Peggy’s habit to
chase the older children away (by claiming I wanted to sit in my chair)
then clambering in herself as soon as they vacated the seat.

(See ____.) In this incident, Peggy was “tattling” (or perhaps just observing)
that Miriam had been sitting in my chair — which still present evidence
— candy wrappers, and her books — made clear. What Peggy said was
more elaborate than “Mimi working …. with you.” I believe she wanted
to say, “Mimi was in your chair, and when I told her to go away she
countered that she was “working,” ie. used your excuse for not playing
with me.” What she said was more like this:
Peggy: “Mimi working..(looks at chair)…with you…with you…Mimi working.”
Bob: Mimi was working in my chair ?
Peggy: Mimi working… with your chair.”

I believe this incident witnesses Peggy with a burden of meaning beyond
her ability of expression. We need be especially sensitive to such
incidents to tell what the limits of her ability are.


3V0956.02 Odd turns of speech: (9/4/80)

Driving along Goose Lane, Peggy looked for cows in the fields but none
were there, She explained that maybe they were in the barn, asleep.
“Soon they will be wake upping, They will have some food.”
Later on in the day she remarked. “We saw ducks to the water.” We
had been down at the Beach and had seen ducks flying to the lower end
of the lakes.


Peggy Study, Panel P136

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction
Source: (Lawler); date: 8/31/1980

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P136A1 Legos and Toy People, 20mb

P136A2 Legos and Toy People, 18mb

P136B1 Letters Desk, 20mb

P136B2 Letters Desk, 24mb

P136B3 Letters Desk, 19mb

P136C1 Standard Objects, 25mb

P136C2 Standard Objects, 24mb