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3V0970.01 Singing: expression, not communication (9/18/80)

Peggy has long seemed the most musically inclined of our children.
Recently we find her singing to herself very frequently. The songs are
unstructured but do mix changes of pitch and duration with words – –
Gretchen laughed to hear her sing “Daddy is a dum-dum,” (the older
children’s under bridges chant for open cars) which later permuted to
“Mommy is a dum-dum.” Peggy will sing about anything — but the
mode is expressive more than communicative. That is, she does not
come into the kitchen and sing, “give me some juice, Mommy.”


3V0971.01 In my lap: repertoire of three character scripts (9/19/80)

I have tried to dissuade Peggy from reading all the time. So more lately,
she has climbed into my lap with friends, the small bear, the pink
panther, “Aroot” her elephant, and the horse Miriam received when she
was in the hospital. The animals have a very limited repertoire. They
kiss each other and eat each other. Peggy introduced the novelty of
having her bears eat my beard. When the horsie is present, the other
animals want to ride him — they quickly fall off and die. More
interesting is the third body relation. Peggy has the bear say, “I wanta
get up a you.” (As she says to Gretchen, Mimi, and me) to the pink
panther. She also has the panther lift the bear and put it on the horse.
Further, she has directed me to perform this action as well. Such play
is purely of her initiation.


3V0972.01 At the Guilford Fair (9/20/80)

Five times on the Merry Go Round, everyone a delight for her.
Whenever we passed by without riding, Peggy broke out in tears and
collapsed or sulked. We did manage to walk about a bit — with a tear
in the eye and a hand in the mouth — through various tents (we never
got to the animals as I wanted) but stopped short our tour to get a
snow cone and watch Miriam’s gymnastic class.


Peggy Study, Panel P138

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 9/14/1980

Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ??

P138A1 Standard Objects, 21mb

P138A2 Standard Objects, 23mb

P138A3 Standard Objects, 23mb

P138B1 Legos and Toy People, 24mb

P138B2 Legos and Toy People, 23mb

P138C Toy People and Talk, 22mb

P138D video end, 14mb