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3V0981.01 Meta-linguistic knowledge: “I can’t read words” (9/29/80)

Peggy clambered onto my bed where I lay reading — then got down to
get a Tintin to read to me. She said, after propping it open and most
unhappily, “I can’t read words.” I comforted her, “You have to learn
how to do that sweety. It’s very hard, but you’ll be able to do it.”


3V0981.02 Talking about places: complexity of Peggy’s interpretive situation (9/29/80)

Miriam recorded this dialogue about Peggy’s new toy Bunny:
Peggy: I got my Bunny at the book store.
Miriam: No. You got it at the Hole in the Wall.
Peggy: Where the book shop ?
Miriam: Near the Hole in the Wall.
Peggy: I thought it was Pizza Store (The Book Swap is there).

Here we have the problem of houses again. What does mean ? Clear
example of Peggy’s articulate definition of a problem we never noticed
or heard of.

Later note: What did I mean here ? Her interpretive situation is more
complex than we imagined. To someone 30 inches high, all bookstores
may look alike.


3V0984.01 Weak verb ending back formation: “leaved” (10/2/80)

“I took it off and leaved it there.”


Peggy Study, Panel P140

Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions
Source: (Lawler); date: 9/28/1980

Text commentary: some lost frames suggest recording head problems at tape start; stopped later.

P140A Materials Choice, 7mb

P140B1 Colored Blocks, 24mb

P140B2 Colored Blocks, 25mb

P140C1 Standard Objects, 15mb

P140C2 Standard Objects, 15mb

P140D Reading Book Words, 17mb

P140E Reading Card Words, 23mb

P140F New Puzzle, 23mb