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3V1043.01 Singing “offstage”: The Fox (11/30/80)

I tried to get Peggy singing “The Fox went out on a chilly night” during
P149 today. She refused. But this evening, alone in a chair in the living
room while the rest of us were there but otherwise occupied, Peggy
began reading/singing the story. She did fine at first. The initial lines
could not be better known. But soon her voice faded — then returned
with “Come home, Snoopy come home.” Gretchen and I laughed but
Peggy didn’t connect it with her activity.

Snoopy was interrupted as pages turned…. was it the “quack quack
quack” ? or “old mother giggle gaggle”? The latter has a place at last.


3V1043.02 Shooting Monsters (22/30/80)

Miriam was in the basement watching King Kong on TV. Peggy came
into the living room and told Robby there was a monster. He drew out
his gun and undertook shooting all the monsters. Peggy was not
content with this form of their game. She wheedled the gun from
Robby and went after them herself. Since they had run away, Peggy
mounted her bouncing horse and took off in hot pursuit, “Bang bang”
and so forth. As she kept it up, I asked how many bullets she had left.
“Four” was the answer. She shot them all. “Which is more Peggy, four
bullets or a ‘whole lotta bunch’?” She answered “‘A whole lotta bunch’.”


3V1043.03 Singing “nonsense” (11/30/80)

Peggy overheard singing to herself. “King king kong kong” Bob
interpreted this as coming from the cards [king, queen] as Robby and
Miriam had been playing and sorting out a deck. Gretchen.


3V1044.01 Despair: sparseness of observation (12/1/80)

Despair over how sparse and inadequate our observation has become.
Neither Gretchen nor I now seems to note or later describe those
behaviors we might judge to be significant. This last month is almost
another hiatus in the corpus. If we don’t do better, we should close out
the study. The danger is holding the belief that it is worthwhile if it’s
so spare, in fact, as to be worthless.


3V1044.02 Position and relative names: up and down (12/1/80)

Peggy comes with me when I take Scurry for an exercise walk. Going
along North Madison opposite the old golf course, she moves up onto
the lawns of the houses. Today she pointed out “I’m up…You’re down.”
Sometimes she varies it “I’m high.”


3V1046.01 Jumping jacks: analogy (12/3/80)

Playing with the fire tongs, Peggy held them vertical and opened and
closed them a bit, bouncing them off the floor. “Tweezers [tongs] are
doing ‘jumping jacks’.”

Comment in passing: “I think bears piss in the woods.”

Noted by one of the children: Peggy at her toy telephone:
“Doctor, come out to my house at 3:30 to give me a shot. Bye,
Doctor.” Why 3:30 (or #) ? I don’t know. Peggy has asked me a few
times to “wake me up at 3 o’clock.” (Once, while she was sitting in the
recliner reading — it was about 1:30 at the time; last night, when I put
her in her crib.)


3V1049.01 Finger counting: [I want fifteen childs] (12/6/80)

Asked if she thought it would be nice to have a baby, Peggy held up her
hand and said, “I want a baby. a boy, and a girl.” holding up a finger for
each. We tried again, “Peggy, the baby will be a little boy or a little
girl.” “I want a baby, a boy, and a girl.” By this time, she was running
out of fingers and had to bring up the other hand. Finally, Miriam
asked her how many boys and girls she wanted, and Peggy responded, “I
want 15 childs.”


3V1049.02 Put Me in the Zoo: tracing words in the title (12/6/80)

Peggy has discovered this book and I have read it to her, perhaps half a
dozen times at most. When I read the title, I point to each word.
Today, Peggy was in my lap requesting I read. She put down the book
and said, “That’s ‘Put Me in the Zoo’.” As she said this, she moved her
hand along the words of the title.


3V1049.03 Holophrastic verbs (12/6/80; see also 12/1, 11/20, 11/22)

The most common use is “put” and “take”. Today I scolded Peggy about
something minor. Instead of crumpling into tears, Peggy (who was
standing beside my chair) merely ducked her head a bit and said
“Hide!” Others [heard]: run, run away.


3V1049.04 Letters and words: “P” is no longer /peggi/ by itself (12/8/80)

Peggy had me read “Letters, Sound, and Words.” When we came to the
page for the initial consonant P, Peggy pointed to it and said “P is the
letter in Peggy.”


3V1049.05 More complicated verbs: “could” used correctly ()

Today for the first time, I heard Peggy use the form “could” correctly.


3V1049.06 Finger Counting: 1-1 correspondence, up to 2 (12/6/80)

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Peggy Study, Panel P149

Themes: Object Exploration, Reading, Letters
Source: (Lawler); date: 11/30/1980

Text commentary: These clips show Bob reading & singing Peggy’s favorite book; significant skill in nesting-cup insertion;alphabet song.

P149A 1-1 Correspondence, 20mb

P149B1 Reading Town-O, 16mb

P149B2 Reading Town-O, 22mb

P149C1 Standard Objects, 21mb

P149C2 Standard Objects, 18mb

P149D Letter Desk, 28mb

P149E Colored Blocks, 26mb